How to win on slot machines

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How to win on slot machines. The actual slot machines, electromechanical, have always been considered inviolable. Until one American decided there was only one sure way to win: cheating.

A clever thief at slots

The actual slot machines, electromechanical, have always been considered inviolable. Until one American decided there was only one sure way to win: cheating.

Tom Carmichael spent 20 years of his life to steal a fortune slot and folded before being discovered by the police, sentenced to a brief stay in jail, released, and then hired by casinos as a security officer.

His first invention was a wire-tied to the door which the bank of slot machines. When he won honestly the first tab, it opened the door to pay. But never closed, and the first falling behind the others.

After years of wondering what happened, manufacturers of slot or 'slot machines' perfected the bank and managed to avoid the simple trick of Carmichael. But in no time, Tom designed a system to enter the slot machine at the other end: a coin attached to a plastic strip, which once entered the slot, and counting mechanism activated as many times as you want.

Consequently, the machine was loaded with the maximum credit, and then lower the lever a few hundred times, recovering much of the dummy load, but real coins. Slots can be calibrated to pay 90% of the amount that it charges over a very long operation cycle. This does not mean that there can be calibrated machines 60%, 110% or any other figure. Typically in a casino there any machine that pays better to say "our machines pay up to 99%."

While slot makers discovered the scam, and returned to the room design. There was a new generation of machines where entrants coins were detected by the interruption of a light beam, not only by their weight or shape. The plastic Tom could not deceive.

Carmichael Strikes Again

Tom not demoralized. He went to the factory, bought a new slot and took the workshop. There disarmed, studied the photocell mechanism that counted the coins, and within days invented a light at the end of a wire, battery-powered. The invention was faster than the old currency secured with plastic: the touch of a button is turned on the light and the detected slot one "currency". The button down could be done quickly with a small circuit, credit generating machine much faster than what could Carmichael collect coins in a plastic cup.

Slot machines in most casinos, and also in the good online casinos, credit in the machines is convertible into cash. You do not need to spend it. With a good amount credited, the thief and his accomplice, a beautiful blonde former dancer who helps him distract the security guards in the box asking for your balance and retreated in search of another casino.

At that time, many of the Carmichael maneuvers were not crime, because they are not known and the law had not had time to guard against them.
When the potatoes were starting to burn, Carmichael transformed his business, and went on to sell machines to trick his fellow players cheaters. Each cost about $ 20,000, but those who used them could quickly recover your 'investment'.

Police later discovered the offender and ended his criminal career. Current machines are immune to these tricks, and the same Tom Carmichael advises casinos about protecting criminals like him.

Other devices to cheat in the game

The cheating industry has always existed, and this story was just a prominent and well-known anecdote.

Formerly a hacker had created one of the first laptops that fit in a shoe, and she had the letters of blackjack or poker in casinos, to have a chance of winning increased.

Another scammer advantage was not yet forbidden mentally counting cards, and formed a team together memoirists who calculated the chances of winning for a play of cards.

Currently being sold online for a device that interferes with the brain of physical casino slots, and supposedly increases the chances of winning.

Appears on search engines like "Slot machine remote controller CPU disturbing" and costs 2600 yuan, or $ 338 dollars 

The same Chinese site sells:

- Luminous ink that is only seen with special glasses, the 'clairvoyant contact lenses' or clairvoyance glasses.

- A sabot (dealer shoe) with a transparent slit, through which you can see the cards that will come out, and even manipulate them to skip one that does not suit to the bench. It costs only $ 611.
- Lead loaded dice

- Remote-dice

- Remote roulette

- Marked dominoes, visible only with lens clairvoyant.

This article is not intended to cheat users in casinos. However, knowing that these things exist can warn the unwary. Many of them may have lost money at the hands of dishonest players who used such tricks in both official casinos as illegal gambling dens.

Trap in virtual casinos

Virtual casinos can cheat, to the detriment of the players. There is no agency to audit its operation, and it is very difficult to enter the code that regulates slots, roulette or poker. Even entering, must be understood.

The ways of cheating in online casinos payment limited to stolen credit cards. That is another chapter on which we can not extend far.

Those with lots of money (own or someone else) can do experiments in casinos, trying different games, or long sequences of poker or roulette, and study the numbers and letters frequently.

There are casinos and games that earn more than others, and you can identify question through experience or advice from someone reliable.


The recommendation is: beware of casinos he frequents. Only play in which are seriously recommended, especially if online casinos.

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