Strategies to beat the casino

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Tips and strategies for winning in gambling. Online casinos are supposedly harder than bricks for ambitious players.
Online casinos are supposedly harder than bricks for ambitious players. Obviously, it is difficult to draw the letters, change bets in roulette after "No more", or enter a currency tied with string in the slot.

However, compulsive gamblers have a lot of imagination ...
1. "Receiving a gift and run".
There are many online casinos that are doing special offers cash to players: Some offer $ 20 or $ 50, and others offer to double or triple your initial deposit.

For example, I get:

Only the noblest of casinos you can expect a prize so majestic.

A 300% bonus on your first deposit!

Dispense 100 € / $ and Play with 400 € / $!!!

The trick is to monitor conditions to withdraw the cash given. In many cases it is possible to play it safe as little as a few minutes, and left with positive balance.

To play it safe, cover the greatest chances. For example, in playing roulette column 1a and 2a or 24 of the 37 numbers.
2. Making the "sweetening" and early escape
When a suspicious casino profits given the first moves, this may be an indication that the results are being manipulated. Casinos use the "sweetening" to excite the players and induce them to stay in the casino and raise the stakes. Bets Once rose significantly, adjust the logic required and recover the lost, more the same.

It bagged candy and run gains early in search of another casino also have easy money.
3. The martingale
The old method is to preserve the martingale bets when you win, and increase bets when you lose.

This will recover the lost.

for example
22-    2       

Prevention is not to exceed the maximum allowed bet, and have sufficient funds to continue this strategy until the end.

4. Repeat salidores numbers.
In many online casinos and real tendencies toward certain numbers are given by mechanical defects roulette croupier intuition of the algorithm or characteristics of roulette or craps software. It is proven that gives more result repeat the bet to what is already out to try new numbers.

The casinos know that players do not repeat the bet, and therefore always win by repeating a number.

Expert players are one step ahead of this secret and can win.
5. Participate in the discussion forums.
I strongly recommend players to participate in discussion forums online casinos. There the same players discuss their experiences, and warn others about advantages and disadvantages.

As internet news travels fast, it is recommended to follow the forums every day. If someone discovers a secret and publishes valuable, it will not be too long before the casino responsible suffers a huge flow of visitors, lose enough money, and fix the fault.

But the "early birds catch the worm".

Similarly sometimes diffuses something good about a casino, also diffuses bad. There are casinos that players cheat by manipulating the odds against him. And the bad news about these casinos also usually publish players in the forums.

We are quick to exclude our listings to casinos unwise.
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