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The Strip Poker is a poker card game where players take off clothes when they lose their bets.
For some strange reason the Strip Poker is aimed at men, and virtual or real girls erotically undress, as the cards are turned and money flows. An atmosphere of smoke, gunmen, cheats, waiters bringing whiskey and cheerful background music is typical of every good Western. Never players looking as naked a gentleman.

Having said that, we discuss some interesting new virtual Poker Strip.

We must distinguish between real girls online, offline real and virtual. The online real girls are more style Video Chat Pay, pay and have operators who strip for money, with or without poker involved.

The real girls offline are photos or films, which are downloaded when the player wins.

Finally, virtual girls are just drawings of very good quality.

Most good online games are payments Strip Poker. For those who want to play for free are unsatisfactory options: a cartoon or maybe a photo of a sensual woman representing the opponent. At the top there are several girls to choose from, and with photos and real videos, not drawings. Although some may find attractive the models drawn in Anime style. Games with real women facing the Webcam are scarce, but very popular.

Strip Poker games to download on your PC
Before risking real money casino sites with Poker or recommend Strip Poker Poker download some games to play against your own computer. It is a good practice to then take action, where flesh and blood women sitting in front of a webcam.
Video Strip Poker, Rebel Strip Poker Real Girls Strip Poker are some examples recommended.

Strip Poker sites
In the Playmate Poker is a playboy strip poker where you play against the house. It uses virtual money with which you can buy items from the "bunny" or tip him to change his pose. Only pairs are needed to win, but it takes a lot of money to buy the dress of the "bunny", which makes the long game.

The Strip Poker eAdultGames has the same interface as the Playboy site, so it is also played against the house, and you can buy the clothes of the girl. It is one of the best made ​​of Strip Poker sites, but does not guarantee real girls online. Probably be virtual.

We also have the Star Poker, leaving one chooses the girl he wants to play against. The interface can be confusing at first, but then becomes very easy. Bunny Poker is a free site featuring girls against which you can play, and has the same interface as Star Poker.

In Carl's Freaking Strip Poker is played against a cartoon called Carl, the big neighbor. Definitely not the first choice of anyone to play strip poker with this guy, but if you're a fan of the cartoon, you should play.

Poker for exhibitionists
Strip Poker True forces the player to stand in front of a Webcam, and remove items if lost. It is true that gambling sites are not interested to see fall clothes the body but bills from his pocket, but some implement the game among several real opponents, each located in front of your webcam, and this adds another attraction to the game.

As in the other types of poker, a form of cheating is agreeing among several players to favor one of them. Contact is made through Messenger, Skype or directly by phone. Several women placed according to distract the knights with the strip tease can pluck an unsuspecting or even beat the bank.

For some, even losing at Strip Poker can be fun.

The best Strip Poker babes according to comments from players:

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"Strip Poker - Free Online Game" User Comments

Phillip Butters


"Strip-Poker freeroll with three famous Russian models Where do I jot down !?

A Russian online poker site launched a curious promotion that will leave you frozen.

In that sense, the pokerdom company, a poker company that sponsors the Poker Tour of Russia, launched a promotion that will leave more than one with the mouth open.

The contest is called, literally, Strip Poker, and consists of a series of freerolls that will include six players who will participate in a sit and go with three Russian models, with the only prize of seeing the muses to be naked or almost naked .

The three girls are: Svetlana Bulyalova, Aleksandra Markina and Aiza Dolmatova ru-. The three models are well known in Moscow and closely followed through social networks.

Posted: September 01st, 2017
Ivana Radovanovic


"The game is great, I like to take off my clothes if I lose"

Posted: December 02nd, 2016
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