Superstitions and cabals of players de online casino

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Superstition or cabal in the games gaming. One of the most common speculating in the casino is to go from table to table following who seem to attract luck, not forgetting to enter the casino on the right foot.
There are people who make millions of dollars thanks to the "good luck" and have the rest wondering how to achieve the same. Many times, these privileged to observe, are detected certain seemingly illogical behavior patterns, but that somehow influence the favorable results of the game. These behaviors are called "Cabals" and existed since cavemen first two disputed the wishbone of a bird.

There cabals universal and particular, applicable to each type of game and situation. In turn, countries, cultures and professional fields use different cabals.


In the more common sport charms and lucky clothing. Never short of wearing the same shirt, shirt, underwear, the same socks, the same shoes, he used that time in your favorite club won the championship. Among the most common amulets are sports people, ie, be accompanied by a person who "brings good luck" to the computer.

Just as there are people who bring "good luck", there are others that seem to cause the opposite effect. They are called "jinx" or "jinx". In English, "jinx".

Players also have their own cabals that can be treated under the t shirts or some ritual before the game. Can not forget to mention the coaching staff, they also have their cabals and amulets.

The location of the viewer is very important: the same bar, the same seat or place of the couch.

Not all superstitions have to do with chance, some people are superstitious amulets loaded at all times. Among the most popular are photos of loved ones, rabbit legs, stones, horseshoes, dollar bills and four-leaf clovers. Crossing fingers and zoom out of roulette or craps are popular maneuvers.

After cabals are common, those that bring good or bad luck in the long run. On the side of bad luck are common examples cross a black cat, walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, opening an umbrella indoors. Less good luck there: put money under the plate on 29, playing a pregnant belly, a bald head, back a hunchback, crossed with the vehicle carrying a bride, her coat backwards, etc.


The main protagonists are the numbers: birthdays, anniversaries, suggested by the horoscope numbers, numbers, dreamed, etc.. While playing always the same combination can be considered unlucky. Anyway, is not the only factor that takes into account the player, and that just by knowing that the 36 numbers on the wheel, together, give nothing less than 666, figure that biblical mythology symbolizes the devil, some of must have left them to fend for numbers only. One of the most common speculating in the casino is to go from table to table following who seem to attract luck, not forgetting to enter the casino on the right foot. Some players have their seat and the fate marker, blue being the color preferred by all, but not a blue chip falls to the ground, because if you fall it is preferable to change color. Another recommendation is to never leave money on the table or the proceeds rejoice: cattle show what others may be more than enough to ward off the hot streak.

Bingo players have particular ways of dressing and looking the employee usually they can deliver your "cardboard luck." Some even ask the "singer" touching cardboard, carefully selected by a maneuver of luck.

The dreams are usually taken as predictors of the future. These are some common themes of dreams that are associated with numbers:

For many Catholics, San Cono is the patron of the players, and helps pay tribute luck in the game.

In conclusion, the cabals are almost inseparable part of the game. Although as I said a player:

"I do not believe in cabals, because they bring bad luck."

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