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Frequently asked questions of online casinos. They say that the player has more advantage over the casino is not playing, that is, the right hand waiting to make a move.

¿Is it easier or harder to beat roulette electromagnetic?
Roughly equivalent electromagnetic roulette to a computer network (topography Star) via HUB between a server CPU (Station 1, or "Master Station") and various CPUs clients (Station 2, below). In other words, it is the same network that can be found in a small office, with some modifications.
The software is usually done in Visual Basic, and through it, you can control: force the release of the ball, wheel speed, steering wheel, waiting time to place bets, etc..
Just as for a common player is almost impossible to guess where the ball will fall, as it is for the system owner. Therefore, even if the owner tried to deceive the public, it would not be easy.
In conclusion, electromagnetic beat roulette is just as hard to beat roulette common, and easiest to beat roulette but dishonestly programmed purely virtual.

¿What systems are used more successful at roulette?

The general idea is to win, but not all players approach this concept in the same way: some think what play you and others, when to play. They say that the player has more advantage over the casino is not playing, that is, the right hand waiting to make a move. However, there are many mathematical systems (and not so) that people try and then comments. Here some of them:

Winning System
- It is expected that a chance has been repeated for 4 balls. May be Over / Under, Odd / Even or Red / Black. Knowing this and that a maximum of two / three shots should offset the deviation, you bet on the chance late. If no, you double the bet until it ends out and compensates the losses.

Approximate System
- After 2 balls, one play before and after the number of the last ball and the front and back of the ball prior to the last. Example: If you get 12, then 26, in the next ball he plays at 11,13, 25, 27. Then get the 3 on the next ball he plays 25, 27, 2, 4. Then comes the 30, on the next ball he plays at 2, 4, 29, 31.And so on. Always with the last 2 numbers, 4 tabs per ball.

Coronation System
- We choose a number and you bet on full, to semipleno, to frame, to street and half a block. Thus the maximum possible bet is a number, but if it does not offset by the possibility that other numbers coming out on the cloth.

Martingale System
- Betting on a binary while (like Red / Black) or ternary (Column and Dozen). For binary chances, if you win the bet remains, and if you lose doubles, to win. For chances ternary triples. If the player had unlimited funds, would always win, because eventually wins and regains the lost. To avoid the problem that mean the ceilings imposed by the casino, it has the support of a partner.

¿What is the minimum bet for online casinos?
Online casino always up to you to come and play you choose, as each one has its own rules and requirements.
Minimum bets some casinos may be between 0.10 € and 0.20 €, which is a good price to play. There are also certain casinos with tables where the minimum bet is between € 0.01 to € 1.
When a player casinos know and trust him, move to authorize the VIP room, where the highs are higher.

Are there online casinos where not required to play all the balls?
The answer to this question is yes, there are online casinos where the player is allowed to wait to pass two numbers, for example, and then bet again. This helps to better estimate the possibilities.

¿How long have you learn how to beat the casino?

It is a matter of time but to understand what is the way to handle.
From then on, yes, some will cost more or less time, it is a matter of intelligence, enthusiasm and dedication.
"The calculation is due to chance," said Napoleon. In the case of online gambling, it is to perceive the random number sequences thrown playing cards, dice or roulette, and predict the next number based on known behavior of the system.

¿Is it true the theory of "Signature Dealer"?

There is no evidence to support or refute this theory, one does have, is many opinions. In principle, it is possible that after many years the dealer can develop an ability to drop the ball in a predetermined sector of the wheel plate.
It refers a case (Casino de Miramar, Argentina) where a player bet to 0 and numbers always nearby. He also had a habit of giving very good tips to the dealer. With this stimulus, and given that 0 is more easily distinguishable in the dish of the wheel, being green, the dealer tried to hit the 0, and managed by a higher percentage randomly. Both benefited greatly, making "jump" banking. That is, force it to close for lack of funds.
Casinos may have a preference for the number 0, and that he lost all chances and casino profits. We recommend keeping track of occurrences of 0 to see if the roulette favors study this issue hated by most players.

¿traditional Casinos or online Casinos?

Playing in a traditional casino you may find it entertaining to most people, but no one can deny the great advantages offered by online casinos, such as being able to play every day from your own home.
Go to a traditional casino is a special occasion. But no one can deny that when playing at online casinos, you feel complete freedom to do what you want while you play and wager, and so manage your time better and have more peace of mind when deciding reflecting bets to be made.

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