Frequent errors when playing in casinos

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The inexperienced player often finds it difficult to beat roulette and can be a very expensive process because of frequent errors that are made in gambling
Common Errors

1. Not having the essential material for the
study of the plays executed until the moment of executing a bet (materials such
as notebook, pencil, registration form of plays, software etc.).

2. Have not recorded in a diary the results of
each game, so the player bets the blind and thus forced to lose.

3. Indiscipline by employing a game plan.
Speculative warming result of anxiety and greed, the player leaves a
disciplined process to dip into bulging bets and gains (and losses) large and

4. Give pay the dealer. It is a mistake because
the online casino and has a superiority of 3% in 5.2% French Roulette and
American Roulette (standard play), so by giving away tokens to beat after
playing either by superstition, This advantage is folded in both cases. Worse
still is giving away chips the croupier subsequently having played for a
combination greater than the full number (dozen, column, color, even and odd,
etc.), As the house edge would be even greater.

5. Playing under the influence of alcohol and /
or drugs. Inclusive is advisable not to drink or smoke during the game and that
is proven, considerably reduces the judgment of the people and causes mental
fatigue faster. What prefix becomes a disadvantage to bet in situations that
pose a risk, a serious risk of making bad bets without prior study. In
conclusion, the player is prone to a rave in your bets, which can have very bad
financial results.

6. Losing patience and bet large sums of money
after losing a considerable sum. In order to achieve rapid recovery of lost
money. Even with an excellent gaming system, you may start losing the first
bet, but the player must not lose patience and want worse recover all lost
money on a single bet, since in a single bet can damage the whole scheme game
and lose a lot more money.

7. Do not give up betting on some plays to create
successful betting moments.

8. Not knowing retire early. While it is a
subjective concept, it should be subject to physical and mental capacity of
each player and profit targets every player has drawn the opening game. As
always, one element that plays against is the greed after seeing an increase in
profits in the last plays and believe that in the following plays this windfall
may even be higher.

9. Always bet on a single combination. Only be
explained if the player discovers that the wheel has some flawed that makes
most of the results are part numbers of roulette. Even so, 98% of players who
commit this error they do for purely emotional, ie, as such a combination is a
cabal or because it relates to a date reminder, etc.. Also this fatal error is
made by excited players who think a combination is so good that expire in all
the plays, leaving aside the balance between gains and losses granted to bet on
this combination. The player if ambition be fully knowledgeable reach money
winner at roulette, you must have a great sense of observation.

10. Not having enough initial chip stock. If
the player has little chips and lose by betting to begin, for example, sector
20 and has no more than 10 chips wagered, so your game will end at that moment
and to return to the table to take time to acquire more chips and your game
will be stopped, so that the study of the game will not be worth much.
Furthermore this leads the player to lose concentration on the play. It is
advisable to go play with a stock of 100 chips.

11. Losing the peace and impatient to be
gaining dividends consistently but slowly. It is very common and it is most
likely that the player will happen, so it made huge bets and followed with the
gains made and most certainly lose those cards once so painstakingly managed to
win. Although it is easy to write but difficult to express and use it, the
player must remain calm and avoid impulse exaggerated and fictional speculation
how much you will earn in a day of games, it is better to be cautious. You must
play very coolly and aim to gain a small amount of money but surely little
better to risk losing everything. Hence, all income is welcome.

12. Increase the amount of the stakes to a
combination in which is winning in the current moves. A fatal error because of
the ambition and the natural desire of every person but controllable touch the
sky immediately. The mindset obsessed Player feature that makes this fatal
error is "if instead of playing 10 records, had made a bet with 100 chips
by the area 23, have won more in a ratio of 10 times." Again, this common
weakness in many players gambling casinos on the attack again

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