Online Casinos Attest to Honesty and Fair Play

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Honourable and ethical casino operators decided to employ independent regulatory bodies in order to ensure fairness of play.
Shortly after online casinos took hold, deception and fraud seeped into the online gaming industry and the unsavoury practices of a few charlatan operators spoiled the lot for the upstanding ones. In response, the industry got a facelift. Honourable and ethical casino operators decided to employ independent regulatory bodies in order to ensure fairness of play and honesty in advertising on all levels of management and operations.

The plan was that casinos would register with gaming commissions to ensure that all interactive gaming and gaming related activities were inspected on a regular basis. Thereafter, a certificate of compliance would be issued to the online casino which would have the certificate available for review on its website.

The public trust has since risen dramatically, and the online casino industry has grown by leaps and bounds as the commissions inspect and certify gaming operations of participating online casinos.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission
One of the most respected online casino gaming regulatory agencies is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. It governs most of the Canadian sites. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission ensures that these three basic principles are maintained:

Only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate within the jurisdiction covered under the aegis of the Kahnawake gaming Commission.

There is honesty and fairness on all levels in the operations of the certified online casino.

Winners are paid in an accurate and timely manner.

The Kahnawake Seal of Approval on the home page of an online casino assures players that the casino is inspected on a regular basis and approved for play.

The Best Holding Companies
There are several holding companies operating online casinos that guarantee honesty and fair treatment for their players. Some of these are:

Harding Investment Ltd.—An Antigua-based group that has become one of the largest (11 casinos) and well-run groups in the online gambling industry.

Some of the best known online casinos operated by this group are Casino Tropez, Casino Bellini and Casino. Playtech is its software provider and its affiliate site is Europartners.

Fortune Lounge Group—With 11 casinos presently in operation, it is the oldest and one of the largest online casino groups. The group, operating in the U.K., is dedicated to offering superior online gambling opportunities along with an ethical commitment to players and to operational excellence. The group uses Microgaming software and its leading online casinos include 7 Sultan Casino and Platinum Play Casino.

The Gambling Federation—This company boasts 14 online casinos presently in operation. A dynamic international online gaming organization based in Belize, it is committed to the success of both online casinos and casino players alike. The group is dedicated to providing gambling entertainment in a professional and ethical environment. Some of its best known casinos are the 707 Casino and the Lucky Gate Casino.

Through the employment of regulatory gaming entities and holding companies committed to honesty and integrity, the online casino industry continues to curry favour with the online gambler, and the number of patrons increases with each successive year.
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