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The game of online Baccarat is reaching a level of popularity never attained by the game of Baccarat in the casinos.
The game of online Baccarat is reaching a level of popularity never attained by the game of Baccarat in the traditional land casinos. That’s not to say that the game of Baccarat doesn’t have its loyal patrons in the land casinos. Of course, it does.

However, for years there was a dearth of new blood infused into the lore of Baccarat. Thus, it seemed to be a strange coincidence that online Baccarat would grow in popularity more than any other table game during the transition from land casino to the gambling casinos on the Internet.

Online Baccarat – Solving the Riddle
Online Baccarat has the same rules as Baccarat played in the traditional casinos found in LasVegas, Europe, and the French Riviera, as well as on islands such as Antigua. The premise of the game is to place a bet on either of two participants - the dealer or the player. The game can’t be any simpler than that.

Then why is there so much confusion surrounding the game? Why has it been deemed to be too intimidating for many players who would like to participate, but are just too scared? The answer has to do with tradition. The tradition of the game of Baccarat in the land casinos has created the perception of exclusivity and superiority. The table is set aside from other gaming tables, and the players are usually dressed “to the nines” in their elegant best. Online Baccarat presents no such intimidating factors.

Online Baccarat – Try It, You’ll Like It
Online Baccarat is a game based on the elevation of cards numbered “8” and “9” as having the highest value in the game. Two hands are drawn - the dealer and the player. You place a bet on whom you think will have the higher hand at the conclusion of the game.

In online Baccarat, if an 8 or 9 is drawn, it is considered a natural and the game ends. If no naturals are drawn, then both hands receive an additional card, and the one that comes closest to “9” wins the game. It’s advantageous if you vary your betting protocol from one side to the other. This is where your intuition can make money for you. Don’t stay transfixed on just one participant!

Now, when I first played online Baccarat, I was a wise guy. I bet the dealer on every hand without fail. Well, after a half an hour, I was in a hole. So, my advice to you in playing online Baccarat is to follow your intuition during the game, and don’t make any set strategic decisions prior to the game.

Most reputable websites have online Baccarat tutorials to help beginners understand the game. Once you have mastered the basics of the game, which is not tough at all, the tutorial will instruct you on any betting protocol specific to that website. The games are quickly paced, and you can make yourself a nice evening’s pay if you just give online Baccarat a try.
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