Behaviour Rules for UK casino Dealers

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The task of running the casino table games falls into the hands of the casino dealers
The traditional B&M casinos in the UK are experiencing an increase in business. Perhaps, with the economy in such a dither, people feel that they might as well gamble in the brick and mortar (B&M) casinos instead of putting their hard earned money into the stock market. These folks honestly believe that they have a better chance of maximizing their profit in the casino than they do in the stock market.

As casino business is on the upswing, the responsibility of meeting the needs of these players becomes paramount. The task of running the casino table games falls into the hands of the casino dealers, known as croupiers. These dealers must undergo extensive screening, called vetting, and long and specific training before they can become dealers in UK casinos.

The ownership of the casinos has the responsibility of training their dealers. Each casino management firm operates its casino somewhat differently from others, so it makes sense that they handle their own dealer training. While training techniques may differ, the responsibilities of the dealers in UK casino are the same:

  • Meet and greet new players to the table.

  • Ensure that all players are familiar with the rules of the game.

  • Ensure that all financial exchanges have taken place before the commencement of a new game.

  • Ensure that all players follow the rules of the game.

  • Handle all chips transactions for all players.

  • Ensure that payouts are accurate.

Dealers in UK casinos are under the watchful eye of a supervisor, who oversees the action of two or three tables in their assigned pit.  The dealers in UK casinos must have an accredited educational background, a criminal record clearance, and they must possess no physical handicap that would impede their duties as a dealer, such as hand and finger disabilities or vision, hearing or speech impediments.  UK dealers must demonstrate a mathematical aptitude and manual dexterity.  Dealers must apply for and obtain a gaming license.  If they are trained through a casino, then the casino will apply for the dealer’s gaming license.

Dealers in UK casinos must be pleasant and professional at all times.  While they must be congenial, they can never fraternize or cross the boundaries of good taste.  They are, after all, representatives of the casino and they must maintain their professionalism at all times.  The dealers must remain neutral during the course of a game because they have no vested interest in the game’s outcome. 

Dealers in UK casinos are compensated for their work by salary only, but they can accept tips from players at the casino table.  Novice dealers start their careers at the Roulette wheel and can advance, over time, to more complex games such as Craps and Poker.

The British Gaming Commission offers training courses for those who are interested in pursuing a gaming license.  You can find out more information about dealers in UK casinos by logging

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