Blackjack Rules

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With these extra options the game may seem more complicated but it isn't really and it is very easy and fun to learn and when you implements a simple Blackjack Strategy.
Blackjack on the surface is very simple. The basic goal of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over (called a bust) and at the same time beating the dealers hand. Each hand is started with the dealer dealing two cards to each player and to themselves. The Player cards are usually dealt face up while the dealer's card are dealt one face up and one face down (called the hole card). The value of your hand is determined by adding the value of your two cards together.

To play your hand you will tell the dealer if you want another card (called a hit) or if you want to stand. There are more options which we will cover later. When you are comfortable with your hand total you will tell the dealer that you will stand and the dealer will move to the next player and they will go through the same steps you just went through.

After all the players have finished by either standing or busting (going over 21) the dealer will play their hand. The dealer is strickly controlled by a set of rules which are written on the Blackjack table. The dealer will always hit until they reach or exceed a hand value of 17. If their hand value is 17 they will always stand unless they have an Ace in their hand which makes the 17 a Soft 17 and then there are two outcomes one of which the dealer will use depending on the table rules. Some Blackjack tables will have the dealer hitting on Soft 17's and some tables will have the dealer standing on Soft 17. Whatever the case the dealer doesn't have a choice they will either hit or stand depending on the table rules.

Once the dealer has finished playing their hand you will have either won, by beating the dealers hand total or the dealer busted, lost, the dealers hand beat your hand or you busted, or push in which case the hand totals of your hand and the dealers hand are the same (a tie). The dealer will pay out any winnings collect any losses and return the wager for any pushes.

Of course if you or the dealer is dealt a Blackjack it is an automatic win (unless of course you both have a Blackjack). A Blackjack may have a hand value or 21 but it can only be achieved with the first two cards dealt. If you are dealt a Blackjack you are payed out at 3 to 2 instead of the normal 1 to 1 for any other win.

That in a nutshell are the rules for Blackjack. It is a very simple game to play but there are some more rules that we will cover.

Hitting: This is the action used to inform te dealer that you would like another card dealt. Simply stating hit or tapping a finger behind your cards is enough to signal to the dealer you want another card. At a table where you can actually hold the card sweeping the card towards you on the table will signal a hit.

Standing: When you do not want anymore cards in your hand simply stating I'll Stand or waving your hands over your cards will signal the dealer that you do not want any more cards in your hand and they will move onto the next player.

It is very important that your signals to the dealer are clear and easily understandable. If you signals are muddy and you want to stand but the dealer thinks you want another card or vice versa the casino can check the video record of the game and when they see muddy signals they will backup their dealer and there is nothing you can do about it. So always be very clear when signalling the dealer.

I mentioned earlier that there were some other options other than hitting or standing when it comes to your available actions at the Blackjack table. These extra options are available only on your first action of a new hand. Some or all of these extra options may or may not be allowed at a particular table. Each table will clearly explain what options are available at that table. Also you can politely ask the dealer if you are unsure and they will be more than happy to answer you.

Insurance: If the dealer is showing an Ace the dealer will offer you insurance. Insurance is a side bet that the dealer has a Blackjack. If the dealer has a Blackjack than your insurance wager wins and the odds are set that the winnings will cover your losses from your primary bet. In most cases the Insurance bet is considered a bad wager and whould not be taken.

Double: Doubling is an option where you are able to double your initial wager but you agree to take only one (1) card from the deck. At times this is a very smart play and we will cover those times on our Blackjack Strategy page.

Split: Splitting your hand is where you seperate your two cards into two seperate hands. The second hand will require a wager that is equal to the first wager. Splitting can only be done on hands that are doubles. So you can split a hand with two (2) eights (8) but you can't split a hand with an eight (8) and a nine (9).

Surrender: Surrendering is an option where you fold your hand before you play it. This action allows you to recover half of your wager and there are times when this is the smartest play to make.

With these extra options the game may seem more complicated but it isn't really and it is very easy and fun to learn and when you impliment a simple Blackjack Strategy you will be wondering why you haven't played this game before.
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