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Online roulette is fun, fast and ultra-playable – but can you take your entertainment to profitable levels, and turn the cool 3D reels into a mini cash machine?
Online roulette is fun, fast and ultra-playable – but can you take your entertainment to profitable levels, and turn the cool 3D reels into a mini cash machine? The real answer is debatable, but thousands of gamers have made good money playing roulette and claim to do so in the long term. If you want to try your chances, check out the type of basic systems being used on the web, and take away the tips which can make or break your roulette payout potential……….

Strategic Martingale betting system
Speed *****
Risk factor ****
Strike rate ****

How to play:
The Martingale roulette betting method is a classic compound betting system – designed to recover losses from even money bets, and deliver a 'sure-fire profit'. Essentially, it instructs gamers to place a 1 credit bet on the roulette table (either black, red, odd or even). If your first bet loses, you put down another chip and bet again with 2 units. You simply continue this trend until you win (when you re-start the roulette system with a new selection and 1 credit). If you have an infinite bank, then this system is 100% guaranteed to work. However, this is reality and for most gamers, the realistic limit will be something like 6 bets in which to win (before the risk becomes too big to continue). However, because the bets have almost a 50:50 chance of success, the stats are in your favour, meaning many gamers achieve regular success.

Labouchere betting system
Speed ****
Risk ***
Strike rate ****

How to play:
The Labouchere roulette system is considered a more sophisticated even money betting strategy, but it's still simple enough to be used by casual and novice casino players. Fundamentally, to use the roulette strategy, you must create a 'Labouchere' chain. While it may sound complex, it's not – it's just a series of progressive numbers (for ease, most gamers go with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Once your have the series, you need a wager level, which is the value of the first and last series numbers (7 credits). The first wager is placed on even money, such as odds, evens, red or black. If your bet wins, you can shorten your Labouchere roulette chain, by taking away the credit win – leaving you with 2, 3, 4, 5 (we took away 1 and 6). In contrast, losing wagers mean the loss must be factored into the chain, leaving 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. To work the system and secure a profit, you must repeat the steps until you've crossed off every number.

Roulette tips for strategic gambling
Roulette strategies can work very effectively, and many players claim to scoop regular winning sessions, in addition to longer term success. Because even money wagers are the closest thing to a 50:50 bet in the casino, the chances of losing a long series of wagers is very low. However, the systems can and will fail to work in less than 6-8 bets on some occasions, so it's vital to game with strict discipline to have a chance to real success:

Set a stop loss limit on your gaming, such as 6 losing system bets and return to 1 unit
> Game with cash you can afford to lose – system betting is risky

> Bank half your winning every time you double your starting bank

> Play with a low 1 credit starting bet – never get too greedy

> Use free-play bonus cash to learn the systems properly

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