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Most casino games such as blackjack, depend on a degree of luck. Even blackjack card counters who analyse the pack to locate when the edge is against the dealer – still lose a percentage of their hand.
Most casino games such as blackjack, depend on a degree of luck. For example, even blackjack card counters who analyse the pack to locate when the edge is against the dealer – still lose a percentage of their hand. Sometimes, the hand of fate plays a part, and you simply need to accept that playing blackjack comes with periods of bad luck when the cards literally 'don't fall right'. However, the good news is that if you apply a few tips, you can also find just as many luck-filled blackjack sessions…….

Play blackjack regularly
The fundamental way to even out our good and bad luck is to play blackjack on a regular basis, for a similar number of rounds. For example, don't just play blackjack 'when you feel like it' – because you could end up tempting fate and hitting a losing session. Instead, designate a few weekly sessions, such as 50 rounds on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While this strategy is no guarantee of success – it will boost your chances of finding an equal share of hot and cold sessions – however you play the game. It's simply a way of benefiting from the law of averages.

While you'll find good and bad luck however you play blackjack – the game is not a 'game of luck'. Instead, blackjack is a 'skill game' – because it responds to specific strategies such as basic blackjack strategy, or more advanced methods such as professional card counting. Thus – by playing the game with a degree of strategy (on a consistent basis) – you're sure to make the game less about luck, and more about controllable blackjack elements. The fundamental place to start for casual gamers is with 'basic blackjack strategy cards' – which don' have the potential to remove the house edge, but will help you minimise the casino's natural advantage and boost your winning hands (helping you yo avoid those bad luck decisions which are avoidable!). Check out some classic basic blackjack strategy rules……

>Hit if your hand is 17+, and the dealer has 7 or more
>If the dealer-up card is 6 or less, hit until your have 12+
>Double-down if you have 10 or 11, and the casino has a 9 up card or lower
>Only split two types of card – aces and 8's

Blackjack strategy sheets are commonly available all over the web for free – so don't miss out and get an edge over regular casual gamers!

Play the game with level stakes
In addition to playing regularly and using basic strategic intent – it's advisable to game with level stakes. For example, you may use a unit size of 2.00 in one session, and then boost your stake level to 4.00 the next night, before returning to 2.00 wagers at the weekend. The problem with fluctuating stake level is the risk of hitting bad sessions with the higher stakes, and hitting hot sessions with low wagers; in effect, maximising your losses and minimising your winnings! If you want to raise your stakes – make sure you raise all your stakes in every session.
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