Blackjack - All About The Number 21

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Many casual blackjack players start out with the wrong strategy – and frequently never grasp the game's basics, or progress to more advanced strategies. However, blackjack doesn't have to be complicated – so check out the key tips for getting up to speed with the world famous game…………
Grasp the blackjack basics
Most gamers know that blackjack is all about the number 21 – and in essence forming hands as close to 21 as feasible is the aim of the game. In addition to the basic blackjack goal – hands can be honed by using the 'Hit' function to request another card (as many times as you wish) and the stand button to freeze your hand and face the dealer. The other blackjack betting options are the double down (double bet after the deal, hit and then stand), split (split pairs to game with 2 hands) and insurance bets (bet on the dealer hitting blackjack) – all of which can be useful tools against the house.

Progress to basic blackjack strategy
Many online blackjack gamers never progress beyond grasping the fundamental aim of the game – simply aiming to build high hand values, with random use of the double-down, split bet and insurance. However, this is a big mistake – because even casual players have strategic power at their finger tips! Essentially – a basic blackjack strategy card (easy obtainable for free on the Internet) instantly will instantly help you make key betting decisions, and you'll probably be surprised to find out you've been making some key errors with your casual gaming approach. Once you're up to scratch – basic blackjack strategy gaming makes the game a real pleasure, and delivers a reduced house edge!

Recreational card counting
Pro gamblers have the skill to analyse the blackjack pack to get an edge over over 1% against the casinos, a fact that's cost the big gambling houses millions over the decades. However, it's no shock to learn that the average gamer will have their work cut out trying to count like a pro! Fortunately – even casual gamers can take the fundamental principles of card counting, and use 'casual' systems to enhance their gaming power.

How to count> The blackjack pack contains low (2 to 5) and high ((10s, jacks, queens, kings) cards. Card counting is basically the method of counting these cards to create a running score and 'pivot points'. In 6 deck blackjack, the 'player pivot' is 6> low:high cards on the table – meaning the deck must be rich in high value cards, which are bad news for the dealer. Naturally, this score can be reversed to favour the dealer.

Once you can card count, you can start using the concept to go beyond basic blackjack strategy. For instance, check out a common blackjack scene – where the player has a score of 16, and the dealer's revealed card has a value of 10:

Basic blackjack strategy> 'Hit'
Card counting> 'Stand' if there is a player pivot advantage

By continuing to add card counting rules to your basic strategic blackjack gaming – you can rapidly and painlessly go from total novice to intermediate gamer and beyond!
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