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In truth, whether you’re a serious gamer or a casual wanna be, blackjack can be played with simple strategies that quickly elevate the fun and potential of winning hands

Fancy yourself as a casino crusher? Then it’s just gotta be blackjack to attack with sheer luck, skill and strategy, because no other game in the history of casino gaming is so famous for ‘bringing the house down’! In truth, whether you’re a serious gamer or a casual wanna be, blackjack can be played with simple strategies that quickly elevate the fun and potential of winning hands. Check out the rating of the game and the tips to get you more success…………

Playability 8/10
Whether you roll into Vegas or a deluxe online casino, the blackjack table can be approached with an air of confidence, with rules simple enough to get gaming instantly – especially with the low wager levels and free no-deposit bonuses on the web. Check out the quick-start rules:

Step 1: Place a 1 unit wager on the table
Step 2: Wait for the dealer to hand you 2 cards, and themselves 2 cards (1 face-up)
Step 3: Remember, the aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as feasible, without over-doing it and losing the round (Ace + 10 = blackjack and the best the dealer can do is match you!)
Step 4: Analyse the hand and decide whether to stand and freeze your hand, you hit for 1 more card to build dealer smashing potential?
Step 5: Keep hitting until you’re happy with your combo
Step 6: Face the dealer and hope your hand is good enough to win

Special features 9/10
The blackjack basics above are just the tip of the iceberg – and when it comes to special features, blackjack lets rip and delivers awesome power and amazing winning potential for lucky and skilled gamers. Check out blackjack’s three famous killer moves – the double down, split and insurance bet:

Double down blackjack
The hottest move in casino land! The double down can be played after the initial deal; instantly elevating your stake by 100% and giving you one more card. If your new hand is hot, you’ll blast away the dealer and end up with a cool reward.

Split betting
The split creates two separate hands from a pair, delivering a double bet scenario. However, unlike the double down you can continue gaming and have two opportunities to win, rather than relying one!

Blackjack insurance
Insurance – ahhh it must be boring! Well, in truth insurance wagering may not be as fun as splitting and doubling down, but the chance to win cash by predicting when the dealer will strike a blackjack, is a hot way to profit when the chips are down! Pro gamers are insurance masters and know that maintaining their bank during the cold spells is a secret to really profiting from hot sessions.

Naturally, while the concepts of insurance, splitting and doubling are fairly simple, knowing when to use them takes skill and strategy – although they can of course be used with dare and luck if you’re that way inclined!

Skill kudos 8/10
Card counting is the method used by pro gamers in places like Las Vegas – but web card counting can vary in effectiveness, and is beyond the scope of most regular players. In contrast, thousand of gamers play with a strategic approach based on the simple and fun analysis of the round. For example, test out this cool double down casino crusher, using free-play credits:

Double-bet if the dealers’ face card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card combo = 10 or 11, or their face card is between 3 and 6 and you have an Ace and a numbered card.
*Do not double bet if the house has a face-up 10 or a face card.
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