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If you've never visited a casino and only played Blackjack online there are somethings you will need to know that will help you make the most out of your casino experience.
Blackjack Advice
If you've never visited a casino and only played Blackjack online there are somethings you will need to know that will help you make the most out of your casino experience.

Know The Rules
Every casino has a multitude of Blackjack games and most of these games have different rules, terminology and odds associated with it. Before heading to the casino make sure that you know the rules of the Blackjack game you are going to play. This way you will spend less time asking questions to the dealer and more time sinning money.

Set A Budget
Know you limit before you step in any casino. You should only ever wager free money. By free money I am talking about money that doesn't need to be spent on food or bills. If you have $100 a week of free money and you like to visit the casino twice a month this means you can safely take $200 for each session. Once you have lost your $200 your session is over and it is time to stop gambling until your next visit.

Don't Drink And Gamble
One thing you will notice when you sit down at the table is that a waitress will stop by and ask you what you would like to drink. These drinks are free and very tempting. You might ask why the casino would give away free drinks. Well it's simple, it has been proven that alcohol imparies the judgement and loosens the inhibitions. This mean that the more a player drinks the more they are likely to gamble and the worse their decisions will get. Save the drinking until after your done gambling. Sure it'll cost you some money but not as much as loosing at the table.

Gambling Systems
Everyone has heard of Gambling Systems that are guaranteed to help you win at Blackjack, Roulette or another casino games. Most of these systems are not worth the paper they are printed on. Be sure to thurougly test for free before you risk any money.

Know The Odds
Many casino games have methods that will help you reduce the house edge. The most important step is knowing the odds of the game you are playing. Most times simply selecting a different version of the same game will yeild better results. Do not put hunches, guesses of feeling ahead of stats, you'll always loose.

Leave When You Are Up
How many stories have you heard people tell about being up $1,000 and loosing it all. Most gamblers will set a lower limit of how much they are willing to loose but seldom set an upper limit of how much they will win before calling it quits for the day. Try setting your winning level to twice or three times your bankroll. When you reach this level walk away and enjoy your winnings. Gambling should be about fun not making money.

Expect To Lose
Always expect to loose when you goto a casino. If you goto a casino and expect to win you have a problem. Every game in the casino has been desinged to win money from players, realizing this is very important and will keep you from making a terrible mistake.

Avoid Side Bets And Variations
Side bets may sound like a great idea to protect your wager or whatever else they say it will do. If the side bet did what the casino said it did they wouldn't offer it as they would not make any money. Side bets like Insurance in Blackjack are desinged to take more money from you. Save your money for wagers with better odds.

Don't Forget To Have Fun
Gambing is supposed to be fun, it is a form of entertainment. The only people who don't consider gambling entertainment are professional gamers. You are gambling for fun and if it isn't fun you need to stop before you get into trouble.

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