Blackjack Basic Strategy

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Belive it or not there is a perfectly legal way to improve your odds when playing Blackjack. This legal way is called Blackjack Basic Strategy.
Belive it or not there is a perfectly legal way to improve your odds when playing Blackjack. This legal way is called Blackjack Basic Strategy.

Blackjack Basic Strategy is a series of rules that govern the way you will play your hand. Basic Strategy will tell you when to Hit, Stand, Double, Split and even when to Surrender all based on your hand and what the dealers up card is. Basic Strategy has been tested time and time again and everytime it is verified that using the strategy correctly you can reduce the house's edge down to .5%.

Generally for casino Blackjack the house advantage sits at about 5.75% but using perfect Basic Strategy you can lower this house advantage down to almost .5%. Some games like single deck Blackjack which already have favourable rules for the players can have the house advantage lowered to almost .1%.

Beginning casino edge: 5.75%
Perfect hitting and standing: -3.25%
Perfect doubling: -1.5%
Perfect pair splitting: -0.5%
Casino edge playing basic strategy: 0.5%

Basic Strategy is the foundation for any success in Blackjack. Even more complicated strategies like card counting rely on Basic Strategy to make your decisions. For each variation on Blackjack there is a specific Basic Strategy to optimize your play and odds.

To use a Basic Strategy you first need to know how many decks are being used, will the dealer hit or stand on a soft 17, can you double, split or surrender? When you know this information you simply select the corresponding Basic Strategy and follow it exactly.

Below you will find the basic strategies for just about every variation of blackjack. Honestly if I don't have a basic strategy for the game listed here it is best if you don't play it. Once you have selected the appropriate Basic Strategy you will simply find your hand on the left side of the chart, locate the dealers up card at the top of the chart and follow the decision at the intersection of the players row and dealers column.

The best part of Basic Strategy is that since it is 100% legal the casino cannot stop you from using it. You can even print out the appropriate chart and refer to when you can't remember what to do. Even though the casino cannot stop you from using the chart they can ask you to leave the table if you are slowing down the table. For this reason I recommend that you only use the chart as a quick reference guide while you are at the Blackjack Table.

Unlike Card counting Basic Strategy works equally well at online casinos and you can use the chart while you are learning the strategies.

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