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In Blackjack there are strategies to help you make the proper decsion when it comes to playing your hand. What about guides for betting? Well these exist also and are known as Blackjack Systems
In Blackjack there are strategies to help you make the proper decsion when it comes to playing your hand. Basic Strategy is one such strategy that will guide you through your hand to maximize your chances of winning but what about guides for betting? Well these exist also and are known as Blackjack Systems.

There are about as many blackjack systems being sold or given away as there are decks of cards in a casino. Some of these systems are worthless and others are worth the time and effort. As a general rule the only person that will make any money from a Blackjack system that cost money is the person selling that system. It is usually worth avoiding such systems that cost money. Stick with systems that have been thoroughly tested and researched. You can find many books on Blackjack Systems
Another good rule to keep in mind when evaluating a Blackjack System is that if the system sounds to good to be true then chances are it is really to good to be true. If the system was really that good would you sell it to anyone for a few hundred dollars when you could be making millions from the casinos?

I am going to cover two very popular Blackjack betting systems. The Martingale and the Anti-Martingale. Each have their benefits and their drawbacks which I will discuss as I explain these systems.

The Martingale System

The Martingale system is a betting system that can be used across many different casino games but I will concentrate on how it is used in Blackjack. The Martingale system is a negative progression system. This means that your wagers remain the same as long as you are winning but increase when you lose. How the Martingale works is that when you lose you will double your wager. If you win that hand you win back your previous loss and make one unit of profit. You continue to double your wagers as you loose and return to your original betting unit when you win.

The main drawback of the Martingale system is that you need a large bankroll to cover a bad streak and a table with a high table limit. If you don't have a large bankroll or a table with a high limit it is possible that you will run out of money or not be able to doulbe your wager if you hit the table limit. Even with these limits that are ways to use the Martingale system without loosing your shirt.

The first step is to find a table with a low table minimum. Ideally a table minimum of $1 is best. The table minimum will determine how large of a bankroll you will need. The higher the table minimum that larger your bankroll. The next step is to find a table with a high table limit. The higher the limit the longer your can go on a loosing streak without being denied the chance of recovering your losses.

Unlike many other games with fixed odds Blackjack players have an advantage when using the Martingale system that other casino game players do not. By using Basic Strategy or even card counting you know have some control over the outcome of the hand and you are not just relying on random odds of the game. Knowing that you have some control over the outcome of the hands makes placing large wagers a lot easier than just hoping that the ball or dice will land just right this time.

The Anti-Martingale System

The Anti-Martingale system uses the same basic principles of the Martingale system, except instead of doubling your wagers on losses you will double your wagers on wins. This means that when you win a had you double your previous wager and when you lose you return to your original wagering unit.

The biggest risk with the Anti-Martingale is that you can lose all your winnings in a single hand. The good news is that you will be risking your winnings instead of risking your Bankroll. This means that you will be able to play longer, risk more and still walk away from the table with money in your bankroll and some serious comps. Basically the Anti-Martingale system boils down to letting your winnings ride.

I like to use this system and concentrate on the comps I will be earning for my play. Using the Anti-Martingale system it is possible to spend a $200 bankroll, but be able to risk thousands over the course of a session and earn some serious comps like a nice fancy diner out for two and/or a show that would easily cost you more than $200.

As an example in one game I was playing I wagered a total of $100 in 10 hands but that $100 only cost me $20 from my bankroll. What I ended up doing is risking the $80 I had won from the casino. Here is a breakdown of the hand:

As you can see by risking my winnings my bankroll is depleated at a very slow rate and my overall wagering level is much higher than I would be willing to comfortably risk.
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