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Like all casino games Blackjack has a specifically designed table that has been improved over the years to provide the best entertainment and information to a Blackjack table
Like all casino games Blackjack has a specifically designed table that has been improved over the years to provide the best entertainment and information to a Blackjack table. You will find Blackjack tables in a semi circle or circle cluster together with the dealers facing out towards the casino. The area in the middle of the tables is called the Pit and this are is reserved for dealers and Pit bosses. A Pit Boss is the person responsible for all the tables surrounding the pit.

The tables themselves are a semi-circle in shape with enough space for 7 players located on the outside of the table. The dealer is located at the center of the table opposite the players.

The table's felt is marked with specific locations for wagers, insurance wagers and sometimes even the cards. The felt will also convey important information about what rules are being used at the table. Will the dealer hit or stand on soft 17s, is insurance available and what the Blackjack payout is.

To play at a blackjack table you simply need to find a table that has favourable rules and that has an open spot. Simply sit down, and trade money for chips (if needed) and place a wager on the next hand.

Some handy Blackjack Tips:

  • If you are allowed to pick up your cards, only use on hand and make sure the cards stay above the table at all times.

  • If you are exchanging money for chips place the money on the table. Dealers are not allowed to accept money from a players hand.

  • If the casino is noisy it might be better to use hand signles to let the dealer know what you would like to do:

    • Hit: Tap your fingers or make a sweeping motion with your hand towards you behind the cards.

    • Stand: Wave an open hand over your cards, be sure not to touch them.

    • Remember to tip the dealer, a happy dealer is a helpful dealer. To tip the dealer place a wager on the edge of the betting area and if you win the dealer wins twice the tip, if you lose the dealer gets nothing.

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