Types of Progressive Slots

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There are actually several different types of progressive slots, and we are going to look into them in this article.
Many progressive slots machines offer millions in cash jackpots. This is because the amount of cash jackpot offered is derived from a percentage of wagers placed in several progressive slots machines; the more machines linked in the progressive network, the faster you will see the jackpot rise to a staggering amount. There are actually several different types of progressive slots, and we are going to look into them in this article.

First, we have the stand-alone progressive slots. This type of progressive slots is not linked to other machines at all. Instead of paying a certain amount of cash prize when the jackpot combination is hit, the slots machine take a percentage of every wager placed and build up a progressive jackpot. Casinos and online casinos usually set the minimum payout at a certain level to keep players interested.

Next, we have the proprietary progressives. Since many online casinos offer multiple slots machines of the same kind, they usually link those machines and build a proprietary progressive network. You can also find proprietary progressives when you visit top online casinos. With more slots machines linked together, the jackpot amount is certainly bigger.

Last but not least, we have the wide-area progressive. In online casinos, for example, different online casinos using the same gaming platform can form a wide-area progressive network. As long as you are playing on the same gaming platform, you will be able to win the staggering cash jackpot by simply hitting the winning combination while playing the full coins.
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