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Written by Carlos Daniel
The game of Blackjack, is knowing when to hit and when to stand. In which winning is achieved when a player has a hand that is closer to 21.
The game of Blackjack is mostly about knowing when to hit, and when to stand. It is a very easy game to understand, in that winning is achieved when a player gets a hand that is closest to 21, yet still beats the dealers cards. It is a game where the player is in direct competition with the dealer, and not the other players. Not only can the player beat the dealer by achieving a higher total card number that is closest to 21, the player can also win if the dealer goes over 21, and effectively busts.

Splitting is another strategy that can be used to bring you more victories, and more money. Splitting often gives a player more chance to win because at least one of your splits should be a strong hand. If the dealer is showing a low numbered card, then doubling is often a good strategy. Since the dealer may have a larger chance of breaking, this means that the player often has a larger chance of winning, especially if they possess a face card. You are effectively given two chances to win; by making a great card combination, or by the dealer breaking.

Splitting aces is always a great idea because aces offer a player a lot of options. If worse comes to worse, an ace can be used as a 1 to compensate for larger cards that you receive. On the other hand, if you have an ace, and a face card, you automatically hit Blackjack. Most players are inclined to split their aces regardless of what the dealer is showing.

When a player is experiencing a winning streak, they should consider a progressive betting strategy. Progressive betting often allows a player to maximize their wins, especially if they are experiencing a relatively large amount of wins. On the contrary, it is also a good idea to minimize your bets in times of large losing streaks. The game of gambling is a balance between learning how to maximize your wins, and minimize your losses.

The worst mistake any player can make is to chase losses. Many players lose all of their money trying to recover back a small amount of money that they lost If you are unable to win despite all of your strategies, then it may be time to call it quits for the day. The secret to winning at Blackjack is to play intelligently, be patient, and bet more aggressively when you feel you are on a winning streak.
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