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Written by Carlos Daniel
The best casino payout lists are becoming more the popular, just as online casinos
But what is the casino payout? How is it calculated?

The casino payout, also known as payout percentage, is a statistic average representing the casino's performances against the gamblers' performances in a certain month.

It is calculated by special official software, by adding up the profits won by all the casino's players in a certain month and comparing that number to the sum of gambles made that same month by all players.

By comparing the sum of money invested against the sum of money won, the casino payout percentage is showing the casino's advantage over the gamblers.

Casino payouts move around 90% to 99%.
The higher the casino payout, the greater are your chances to win in that particular casino and the casino's advantage is lowered.

Naturally, not all games in a casino have the same payout. In one casino, you can have a high payout rate for poker, maybe because only bad poker players go there, and a low one for the online blackjack.

Since this is a very voluble piece of information, especially for professional gamblers and businessmen, independent companies are involved.

These are usually big, trustworthy companies, involved in checking data from an abundant of casinos every month.

Therefore the tests results are considered to be reliable and accurate, albeit clearly not assuring a gambler's profit.
The results are published monthly, and are presented by most of the big online casinos.

Although according to current data payouts on online casinos vary from 96% to 97% (with payouts at Vegas at 96%), these numbers aren't promising profits for gamblers.

Individual gambler's profits are all about his own ability and his own luck or lack of it.

This is why gambling tips are so popular among gamblers- they are on a constant quest for helpful knowledge.
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