Boost your Chance of Beating the Slots

Written by Carlos Daniel
Every time you play slot games, you have a chance at big payouts, and ultimately huge progressive jackpots.
Last year saw some incredible slot jackpots paid out to lucky gamers. It's still hard to imagine for many gamers – literally pressing the spin button as usual, and rather than getting rewarded with x3 cherries or 777's – you manage to line up 5x jackpot icons on a winning pay line, scooping you hundreds of thousands or even millions! While your chances may not be huge – every time you play slot games, you have a chance at big payouts, and ultimately huge progressive jackpots.

In 2008 – slot jackpots rose to new levels of amazement – with several wins over $4 million dollars on games such as Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot! Big slot machine payouts have been seen in global locations, and for the very first time, even mobile slot players have had the chance to win 1 million while playing on their way to work!

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Boosting your chances of slot machine jackpots?
First and foremost – slots are games of luck and chance, and while hundreds of gamers win jackpots over 10,000.00 per month, no gamer can guarantee they'll win big (if only!). However, that being said – there several ways to ensure you maximise your basic chance of winning. Check them out………..

Spin with maximum coins and pay lines
Slots can be played with everything from 0.01 – all the way to spins of 20.00 plus. The number of coins played, combined with the coin size, directly influences the type of game playable, plus your payout potential. For example, on a 4 coin, 20 pay line slot machine, each coin used triggers another 5 pay lines…..

1 coin = 5 pay lines
2 coins = 10 pay lines
3 coins = 15 pay lines
4 coins = 20 pay lines

For most slot gamers – it's logical to try and game with the full pay line number – since this gives you considerably more chances to hit winning combos (and you'll never face the prospect of seeing a winning combo flash up, but still losing!). Naturally, using more coins does multiply your slot stake, but it's preferable to split your max spin level among the pay lines, rather than activating one pay line with a bigger stake. The one downside to playing multi-coin slots, is the fact that a lower coin value will dilute your payouts……

For example, a 1000.00 coins jackpot looks a lot different depending on your coin size

1.00 coin x 1000.00 = 1000.00
0.25 coin x 1000.00 = 250.00

Ultimately, if you want to hit serious jackpots, you'll need to max out the coin number, but also gradually raise your coin value. Of course – you can do this by gradually topping up your bankroll, or trying to re-invest slot winnings.

Slot gaming volume
You can approach slot machine jackpot games in different ways – high volume or high value spins. For example, if you had a budget of 10.00 per week – you could play with a minimum of 10 spins x 1.00, or 100 spins x 0.10. In view of the benefits of multi coin slot gaming and the effects of your spin value on payout size, it makes sense to try and strike a balance between spin volume and spin value.

Slot budget
Ultimately – while it's important to consider several factors when playing slot machines, your budget is still the vital element that controls your slot fun and risk. Slots are all about having intrinsic fun – with a small chance of million dollar wins. So – set yourself a small and consistent weekly budget, which will allow you to play an d take your jackpot chance every week.
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