Differences between Traditional and Online Slots

Written by Carlos Daniel
There are many fundamental differences between playing traditional slots and online slot games, so we decided to devote a separate article to this topic.
We get quite a lot of letters from out readers, in which they ask how to play slot games online and about the peculiarities of online gambling. Of course, there are many fundamental differences between playing traditional slots and online slot games, so we decided to devote a separate article to this topic.

“One-armed bandits”, as slot machines are often called, appeared several centuries ago and since then underwent a lot of modifications. Online slots, Video Slots and even interactive slots, which allow you to create your own scenario of the game, have emerged to change the face of gambling for ever.

In past centuries people didn’t have a lot of choice – they could play for real money only and they lost a lot of money before they started to understand the basic principles of this or that slot game, if they were patient enough to continue playing till this moment, of course. So, as a rule, the picture looked as follows: one would come to the slot machine, start playing and leave it when there were no coins left in his pockets. I say his, because 99% of the gamblers were men at that time. I suppose that some could stop before their wallet went empty, but they were rather exceptions to the rule, then the rule itself. One couldn’t even think that in about 100 years, we’d be able to watch the previews of all the games without risking our money. And, for sure, they didn’t think, we wouldn’t even have to leave the house to play casino games.

Nowadays, there are many variants of slot games. You may play slots at gambling centers, play online slot games on your computer or go to a brick-and-mortar casino and have a relaxing, but thrilling time. In traditional slots one had to pull the handle to make the reels spin; now the handles are no more than an element of entourage any more. To start the slot game, you have to press the button, or click the picture.

There also appeared a lot of new slot machines and such online slot games, as Video Slots and i-Slots, which offer an absolutely new level of playing. More and more people choose to play slots online, as this is very convenient, fast and entertaining. Moreover, playing slot machines online is a great fun, as you may play with your friends or participate in numerous bonus games and casino tournaments. The jackpots in online slot games are also very impressive, as some casinos connect all their slot machines in one chain, and all the players of the online slots in the network contribute to the jackpot of this or that game.

It’s much easier to play online slots, as you don’t even have to leave your house to win a fortune or play just for fun. You don’t even have to download the software of the online casino these days, as most web casinos offer an “instant play” option, so all you need is some money on your balance and internet connection. If you are new to online gambling, you may always consult numerous casino review sites, which contain some tips on the variety of online slots and other games, basic rules of online gambling and the lists of the best internet casinos. You may also learn how to play slots, Roulette and Blackjack, as well as other casino games and how to work out your own playing strategy when playing this or that slot machine.

Read more about online slots in our next articles to learn whether it’s better to play slots for real money or for fun first, read best slot games reviews and look through best online players’ comments. I’m sure that the overwhelming world of online gambling in general and the paradise of online slots in particular are sure top conquer you!
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