How to Select a Casino Game

Written by Carlos Daniel
With so many options available, new players may find it difficult learning to select a casino game that fits their style.
With so many options available, new players may find it difficult learning to select a casino game that fits their style. Here are some types of games to consider:

- Slots: The most popular casino game by far. Slots come in several variations, from simple three-reel games with one payline, to five-reel displays, multiple paylines and special bonus games.
- Dice Games: Craps is the casino game that dominates this category. Others include sic bo, ricochet and Big Six.
- Card Games: Blackjack is the leading casino game in this class, followed by baccarat and poker variations, such as Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow Poker.
- Video Poker: This casino game mixes the strategy of card games with the convenience of machine games. Players can choose from “deuces wild”, “Jacks or Better”, “Double Bonus” and more.
- Bingo and Keno: This type of casino game relies more on luck than skill. Pick your numbers and pray that they hit!
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