How Slot Machine works?

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Slots is one of the most commonly played casino games both at land based and online casinos. Slots are very easy to play game and needs no previous experience.
Slots is one of the most commonly played casino games both at land based and online casinos. Slots are very easy to play game and needs no previous experience. Online slot machines have a higher payout percentage than those at land based casinos.

The game involves matching symbols, either on mechanical reels that spin and stop to reveal one or several symbols. The symbols can be images of fruits, numerals or letters, and simple shapes such as bells, diamonds, or hearts; or animated cartoon characters.

Each machine has a table that lists the number of payouts that the player receives if the symbols appear on the pay line of the machine. Some symbols are considered as wild symbols and pays if they are visible in any position, even if they are not on the pay line.

Slots Rules

All that a slots player needs to do is to drop coins in the slot machine and then spin the reels using either the handle or the spin button of the slot machine. There are a number of horizontal lines across the screen of the slot machine. The slots player wins when a certain combination of symbols falls on the line when the reels stop spinning. There are different combinations of symbols that bring winnings to the slots players. The combinations are usually given on the slot machine itself together with the corresponding payouts. The payout depends on the combination, the slot machine, the casino, and the type of game.

How Slot Machine works?

Each slot machine has a pay table that describes how much one can win for a variety of winning symbol combinations. Each slot machine also maintains a predefined payout percentage.

When you make a bet and spin the slot machine’s reels, a predefined computer algorithm decides the outcome of your spin through a computer program called a Random Number Generator which randomly generates thousands of numbers each second. One of the numbers is selected for each reel and plotted to each reel’s stop position. It is compared with the slot machine’s lookup table that lists the symbol for each reel number. Then the slot’s machine chip checks the pay table to determine whether there is a winning combination. If it is, the machine finally checks the amount of the winning payout.

Types of online slot games

The difference between various slot variations is in the way the operators pay out the winners and the portion that they are allowed to keep.

Progressive Jackpot Slots: A very popular type of slot with the biggest jackpots. It keeps on increasing the amount of a jackpot as the player precedes the game until it is won.

Multiple Pay-Line: These slot machines have more than one pay-line. The most common of these machines have three pay lines: one in the middle, one on top of it and one below it. If you spin a winning combination that comes directly on any of these lines you win. But you can only activate all three lines if you insert the maximum number of coins into the machine.

Multiplier Slots: On these slot machines, the payout changes depending on the number of coins you have played.

Bonus Multiplier Slots: This type of machine runs similarly to multiplier machines, but if you hit a combination when the maximum number of coins is inserted, an extra bonus is added.
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