Guide to learn how to Play Video Poker

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Learn how to play Video Poker, elements of a video poker machine, how to play a consignment of video poker and the optional double or nothing game.
Quick Guide of How to Play Video Poker
Video Poker machines are located in the area of a casino slot machine. The game of Video Poker machines is as its name suggests poker; it is about getting the best possible poker combination using a discard.
There are two types of video poker games:
• No Wildcards: Games Video Poker without wildcards a deck of 52 cards is used and no letter makes wild card, each card is worth its value.
• With Wildcards: there are two types of Video Poker games with wildcards:

♥ Game with a deck of 52 cards where a value of letter it acts of wildcard. The most famous game of this type is "Deuces Wild" (deuces are wild) in this video poker game deuces are wild.
♥ Games with a deck of 52 cards along with 1 wildcard card or 2 cards jokers. Video poker games using wildcard cards are called "Joker Poker" when played with 52 cards + 1 wildcard and "Double Joker Poker" (Double Joker Poker) when the game uses 52 cards + 2 jokers.

The object of Video Poker is to get a combination of poker with a discard. Not all video poker games reward the same combinations of poker or equally. The prizes awarded each video poker machine are located in the paytable of the machine.
For example, the most famous video poker game is known as "Jacks or Better" (Jacks or Better). In video poker machines "Jacks or Better" begin to reward the poker combinations from the pair of jacks.

Elements of a video poker machine
A video poker machine has the same appearance as a slot. Then each of the elements of a video poker machine are described:
• Paytable: The paytable combinations of poker that has shown prize. In the paytable are 5 columns, the first contains the name of combinations prize, and the second to fifth prizes depending on the number of credits bet on the hand. When greater the number of credits is the prize, and come up in great shape for the royal flush with the highest number of credits (5). Sometimes this table on the screen or in the machine housing.
• Display: The display shows the 5-card hand shown.
• Slot for money: The Modern machines have slot for coins and bills.
• distribute Button: Button to deal the cards.
• Bet Button: Button to set the level of commitment, the number of credits to play on each spin. The bet level can switch from one roll to another.
• maximum bet button: A button to bet the maximum number of credits per spin. Many times, pressing this button the maximum bet is made and immediately dealt cards.
• 5-Button to retain cards: After the cards are dealt the player must decide which cards to hold and which to discard. Under each letter there is a "hold" button (hold) to keep your hand on the play. Currently there are video poker machines modern touch-screen that no longer have these buttons, these machines need to click on the screen above the letter to retain the card.

How to play a consignment of Video Poker
Here are the steps to be followed to play on a video poker machine:
1. Insert money to play. The first thing to do to play Video Poker is to introduce money into the machine, by introducing money; this money is automatically converted into credits to play.
2. Select the number of credits. Then have to select how many credits you want to play the game, to do this use the bet button to raise or lower the number of credits.
3. Dealing. After having set the number of credits you must click on the "Deal" (deal) button for the machine to distribute the 5-card hand. You can use the maximum bet button to bet the maximum limit of the machine, usually by clicking on this button the maximum bet is made and the distribution of the cards is activated.
4. Discard. After seeing the initial 5 cards, the player will have to discard, and may discard any, any letter or even all. The player must select which cards you keep using the "hold" (hold) buttons on each card.
5. Cast Final. After having selected the cards you want to retain must be pressed again on the "Deal" button to distribute other new cards instead of the discarded cards.
6. End of the game. After weeding already the final hand is obtained. If the final hand is some combination of those shown in the paytable of the machine have won the prize, otherwise you lose.

Double or Nothing Game
Some video poker machines offer double or nothing game when a winning combination is achieved. This game is not mandatory, the player can decide whether to play or not.
If at the end of the game has got a winning combination is displayed on the screen a game of double or nothing, where the player can earn double the winnings in the game or win nothing.
As we have noted, the game of double or nothing is optional, at the end of a winning game machine will ask the player if he wants to play or not, if you do not want to risk the gains in this game simply have to click on the button acting "No".
Typically, video poker machines propose one of the following sets of double or nothing:
• Red or Black: a cover letter is displayed on the screen, the game is to determine the color of the card, you must choose between red or black.
• High Card: A upcard and 4 other covers are displayed, the game is to choose a letter between letters covered with a higher value of the up card.

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