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Tricks of strategy and recommendations that will place you on track when you play against the dealer in a game of Pai Gow Poker, if you are a hobbyist poker have half the job done.
Strategy Pai Gow Poker - Winning the Pozo
The idea of beating the house at its own game is one of the yearnings of many online players around the world. In short, if your main goal is to win a game of Pai Gow Poker, you will realize that the ability of the players to implement your strategy is what distinguishes poorly prepared players who are fully armed to go to war against casino. Then obviously the best thing to do is to always be prepared before signing up for an online casino and sit on the virtual table Pai Gow poker. Since it will only play against the dealer and not against other players, the strategy of Pai Gow Poker is not as rich as in a regular poker round. However, obviously you will benefit from playing optimally. Take a look at this column Pai Gow Poker and learn how to implement the strategy during a game round.

Tricks of strategy
Vanquishing the house overriding the house edge
Playing Pai Gow Poker gives players the opportunity to enjoy a casino games with a relatively low house edge (2.9%). In fact, the house advantage in Pai Gow poker is just a little higher than the beloved classic casino: blackjack. Now you must be wondering "Can one eliminate the house edge during a game?". Well, root out the house edge is impossible due to the fact that the house usually takes 5% Award winning hand as commission. But if you wish, you can effectively cut the lead to 2.57% by implementing different strategies Pai Gow poker.

By taming the dragon in Pai Gow Poker
The wise Roman philosopher Seneca once said, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." This is especially true in some casino games like Blackjack, or in this case, Pai Gow Poker. In fact, many players playing poker this derivative with roots in Chinese culture. Agree that you should be prepared to implement some kind of strategy, if you want to tame the dragon. This will definitely increase your chances of winning in a casino game 0.15%. Well, surely you're thinking right now that is a very small percentage, which, in his opinion, would not make a difference. If you play a game for a long period time, if implemented the strategies Pai Gow Poker, it will be beneficial to your odds, as they go coming up to the extent that persists in the game.

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The strategy 'House Way'
If you want to beat the house, you should think and act as the dealer. Think about it: how should play the dealer your hand? Should divide his two couples? Should I put a couple on their front hand? Or simply should let both in the rear hand? If you not have neither partner, what should I do? Well, if you're concerned about all these issues, we have it covered. Take a look at these strategies that recreate the movements that the house would do!

1. If your hand has no partner, you should put your highest card in his back hand, and his two remaining highest cards in the front hand.
2. When you have a partner, you should always put in your (the five-card hand) back hand, and move your two highest cards to your front hand. This will give you a better chance of beating the dealer, even if neither is the best hand you can have.
3. If you have two pairs, which consist of two different couples, should be allocated between the two hands. Put the best couple in the back and the lowest hand in the front hand. Why? Because if you distribute your cards in this way, you will have covered both hands. However, you should not leave their partners in two different hands, if you are in the following situations:

• A pair of 7's with no ace;
• A pair of J's or better and 6's, or couples who are better and an ace;
• A pair of A's and any other couple.

4. If you have three pairs, put the highest pair of cards in your front hand, and the other two couples in their back hand.
5. When you receive a trio, put them in his back hand. However, if you were to have a trio of three aces, you should put two aces in front and two in the rear hand.
6. If you had two trios, you should place the lowest trio in the back hand, and cut the top trio to put a couple in the front hand and surplus letter in the hand of 5 cards.
7. If luck is on your side and get a full house, you should split it, unless you have a pair of 2's and an ace / K to put forward.
8. If you have a full house with a trio and two couples, should start their initial hand into two and play their strongest partner in the front, and the rest on the back hand.
9. When you have two trios, you should always play the highest to the front pair.
10. When you have stairs, colors, colors or actual stairs stairs should always play straight or flush in the back hand. However, you should play them as two couples in the following situations:
• A couple J's and a of 6's;
• Any partner and one of A's;
• Any ace, and two couples.

11. If you have poker, you play according to the strength of the cards. For example:
• If you are between 2 and 6, should hold them together;
• If you are between 7 and 10, should split them, unless you have an ace or higher, which should be placed in the front hand;
• If you are between J and K, should start hand, unless you have a pair of 10's or higher.
12. If you are lucky enough to have 5 A's, should divide the hand, unless there is a pair of K's, which should be placed in the front hand.

Using the Joker in your benefit
Most of Pai Gow Poker variations include Jokers act as semi-wild. A Joker can automatically count as an ace, but if you use it to complete a couple, stairs, etc., can function as whatever letter you need to complete the combination. Then, never minimize their presence in his hand.

You can not be a banker in Pai Gow online
In the brick and concrete casinos, the hand of Pai Gow poker starts with a player taking responsibility for the bank. This enables the player to have an advantage over others, reducing the house edge on him.
Although this is common in casinos, you will not find this option in Pai Gow poker online. The house is always banker default, so you will never have the chance to "take the game". Thus, in the digital version of the game, you will always find the player trying to beat the dealer.

Considering the odds Pai Gow
Whether you're playing online or in a casino brick and concrete, you should begin to bear in mind that all prize money has a dose of luck. Pai Gow Poker is no exception to this statement. So you should pay special attention to the likelihood that this implies. The house rules and strategies used by players can vary from casino to casino, so the odds vary accordingly. However, calculations made by experts are based on various forms of gambling in different houses, and have determined that the dealer wins both hands approximately 30% of the time, the player will win about 29%, there will be a tie 41%.
As a player, you can get 154,143,080 different combinations in Pai Gow poker. Therefore, you need to know is how likely it is to get a specific hand through the letters received. Due to the fact that each hand consists of seven cards, there is a great chance to get a couple, or even two. Then surely be wondering, what are the chances of getting certain hands? Check the table below:

Tricks of strategy

Implement strategies Pai Gow poker table and retire with the prize!
Pai Gow Poker is a product of Chinese history and American ingenuity which was adopted by many brick and concrete casinos and online casinos around the world. It is one of the few casino games that is not based only on luck and therefore can be played using certain strategies. In short, if you add up your game strategy instead of acting instinctively, you can improve your game, and maybe go out with bunch of bills in your pocket! If you have read this article, we recommend you practice using these strategies playing in any of the online casinos with Pai Gow Poker free. Once satisfied with the way game, you can try to play for real money! Take a look at the best casinos with Pai Gow Poker, and enter the it best suits your needs!

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