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What I will explain in this post are basically four ways that I think are a very good option to make money at roulette and make sure not to lose everything you have in your pocket.
A betting system or roulette strategy is a specific plan to bet based on different types of models. There are hundreds of different models, and it is not uncommon to find information or propaganda about a new system of guaranteed profits; but the reality is that there is no strategy that will provide a mathematical margin to win the casino.
However, there are other strategies that can help prolong the game, in order to increase the fun or even offer a better chance of winning in the short term; but never put the odds in your favor.

What I will explain in this post are basically four ways that I think are a very good option to make money at roulette and make sure not to lose everything you have in your pocket.
First of all let's give a very brief explanation of how to play roulette and how much we pay in each case.

This is an image of an American roulette board and having a single 0.
Basically we can bet on different things, roulette offers only a limited time to place the bet and starts the game. The tour roulette, which gives the beanbag about ten laps and fall depends on where we know if we hit something or not released.
Can make the bets, numbers, or other features that appear on the board, now we only care about are:

_Apostar To get an even number.
_Apostar To get an odd number.
_Apostar To get a box number in BLACK
_Apostar To get a RED box number.

In either case bets include:
* $ 2.50 (minimum bet)
* $ 5.00 (half Bet)
* $ 10.00 (maximum bet)

Those are the only three bets you can make and we will be paying 2 to 1. That is, if the minimum bet we will pay $ 5.00.
On the other hand we can bet on numbers:
You can bet a number (full)
We can bet on two numbers (semipleno). Ie split bet on two numbers. And so we can do the same with 3, 4.5, a dozen, etc. We are interested only full.
When we make a bet on a single number, they can be:
* $ 0.50 (minimum bet)
* $ 1.00 (half Bet)
* $ 2.50 (Max Bet)
As in pairs and colors we have only to make three bets, because if we do not limit always win. But in the case of numbers, as long as we concentrate fully, they pay 36 to 1. This means that if we make the minimum bet we paid $ 18.00.
Now that we know the stakes that matter, I'll give you four steps that should be done to make the most of:
As everyone should already know, the martingale is to make a minimum bet that has a% 50 chance or more to be gained, if you lose it becomes to make the same bet but this time taking the average bet, and if you re- lose (not hardly ever happens) but the same is done with maximum bet.
In this case Martingale linked to colors, it is that what we're going to dedicar.Siempre to go to a casino I recommend the actual roulette but in which each participant has a touch screen for gambling, and before play should wait about ten hands to make a remark of the colors, as there are days in which the colors come in quick succession (3 red, 4 black, 2 red, etc.) and others that do very changed, that is practically 1 of a color and each other.
After watching the hand as it comes, wait until a subsequent output of 3 or 4 numbers of the same color to occur obviously another bet the minimum bet.

1. Suppose you went 4 consecutive red. We bet the minimum bet ($ 2.50) to black color.

2nd. Here we have two possibilities, if we succeed recover the bet and won $ 2.50 more.If we fail bet the average bet ($ 5.00) back into the black.

3rd. If we succeed, we recover the $ 2.50 on the first bet, the $ 5.00 in the second and won $ 2.50 more. If we fail we turn to bet on black but with the maximum bet ($ 10.00).

4th. At this point you are never going to lose because there is almost no chance that 7 numbers repeat the same color, so I speak from experience. So you're going to hit, you recover the $ 2.50 the first, the $ 5.00 in the second, the $ 10.00 in the third and earn $ 2.50 more. It seems that there is little gain but do not fret.

5th. They wait until repeated 3 or more consecutive numbers of the same color and make what I said.

The following "strategy" is just that: A number that comes out twice, runs three.
You have to be very patient and not jump because at the slightest need to bet on any number or any other thing, lose. I Take along a paper with a pen, let you use it without problems and begin to write down one by one the numbers that come out. When a number is repeated, it becomes favorite. Was repeated once, you let spend 8-10 hands and do nothing (while still playing the martingale, of course) and then you start to bet with the minimum bet the favorite number. You have to bet "all hands, the minimum bet and to that number." All you got the chance to win, because even betting hands and the number 36 appears in the latest (assuming always comes much earlier), you recover the money you bet.

I think this is the best. As you know the four strategies are to be made simultaneously for a period of 1 or 2 hours to gain a considerable amount of money. This is done with the martingale colors but once "4 or 5" numbers with the same color (for more security), were repeated and is to make a minimum bet on each of the color numbers staked a bet minimum at zero.

Example: they left 4 or 5 red, you bet $ 0.50 (minimum) to each black number and $ 0.50 a zero. If the number comes out it is black, besides that earn money Martingale color in numbers I will have spent on betting $ 9.50 but will have earned $ 18.00. If you leave one red number proceed as in the basic martingale, all black numbers but average bet bet and so on.

Now I'll give you an example of how much they can earn more or less, according to what I win when I play.
In three hours of play:

_Martingala Color: won 12 martingale. ($ 30)
_Martingala Of even and odd: won ten martingale. ($ 25)
_number Favorite: 3 favorite numbers. ($ 8 per average number, ie $ 24.00)
_Martingala Risky: won 12 martingale. ($ 102.00)

With about three hours they will be earning more or less $ 180. It is traumatic for the casino owners because I go 4 times a week and I do with $ 600 and I can not remove the twine.
And if you are wondering as they do to get you the twine is outputting zero because no one plays. So in the latter strategy not forget to always bet. And another thing you should remember is that the martingale, as bets are doubled and you will play by 4 strategies simultaneously have to have a good base money, they need to start with about $ 125. Otherwise you can start with less and only one of the strategies.
Well folks, that's all, I hope you liked it, at least the dedication of my first post so the only thing I hope is a comment, constructive, whether they like it or not

This step is the same as above, needless to explain, you just have to wait repeated 3 or 4 consecutive odd or even numbers. I always recommend to wait until 4 for repeated safety.
The good thing is that they can go about doing the martingale of numbers and colors simultaneously, thus doubling the profits which they would be.

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