Guide with tips and strategies for playing roulette

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When it comes to playing roulette, there are a number of wagers that can be made successfully, even if you are only betting on Black or Red.
It has the nickname of "Lady of the casinos." Why? Because roulette has emerged as the first game between the circles random game land since the sixteenth century. Then associated with the devil because the sum of the numbers supporting its cylinder is 666, Roulette is over progressively to become an ordinary game, by dint of mathematicians and statisticians have explored the martingale confirming that after all this entertainment is very terrestrial. If this is the first time you are preparing to participate in this game, you say that you are calling the correct door. When you start in casino games it is better to be in good hands: the game of roulette, if not mastered properly or played with indifference can be very dangerous and risky. It is therefore essential to play roulette free way to the top.

His fame is due in part to an incredible publicity made around this game in some land-based casinos in the past, as in Monte Carlo for example. That's when the Blanc brothers first offered this game. In the space of a few years, roulette became an indispensable entertainment and from that moment he became known as the "Lady" or "Empress" of the casinos. Nowadays, in terrestrial casinos roulette he has lost some of its glamor in favor of the slots, but remains a great reputation and has been known thanks to redo some online casinos and to our website where you can discover for free and without any obligations or charges.

Another reason for the popularity of roulette is the existence of a surprising number of original and fun variants. Among the main European roulette it is obviously better known as French roulette. It consists of 37 squares numbered 0-36, French roulette is the preferred online casino players because it is the most profitable. It closely resembles the English roulette, a further decline of the original game can not play more than from a limited number of players whose cylinder is more particular. Finally, we also find the famous American roulette and his famous double or nothing that will cause the player to lose all your bet if you have the misfortune of falling into it, and the Mexican roulette more rare but no less attractive.

When it comes to playing roulette, there are a number of wagers that can be made successfully, even if you are only betting on Black or Red. Some people prefer to go with a column of numbers as they appear on the board or even a range of numbers from 1-36. There is an equal proportion of black and red numbers, odd and even numbers as well as high and low numbers which range from the low (1-17) and high ends (18-36).

The interesting thing about roulette is, it that there are two versions: One European, which is referred to simply as “European Roulette” or “French Roulette” and the second version, “American Roulette”. The only difference between the two is that the European version only has one green wagering number on the wheel: The single zero.

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