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Dragon Lair online slots

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Dragon Lair online slots
Dragon Lair is a 5 reel, 15 paylines. Slot game offers several features such as a substitute symbol, multipliers, scatters and a progressive jackpot.

Dragons Lair offers a subject that is inaccurate designed around Smaugs lair beneath the mountain. You will see the mountains behind Golden cylinders and see the spools themselves shields, dragons, gems, gold, fire, a princess who need and more.

It has all the usual bets. This allows you to play if you want to increase or decrease the bet limits, you have the option to do so. You can also play a small number of lines compared to 15 paylines Dragon Lair number. The best bet you can make is $ 0.050.

The hero symbol acts as the wild substitute. When this function is activated, the hero will take the place of any other symbol that could potentially be in the form of a winning combination. This can result in a number of major victories is activated and the prizes are added to your Casino.

You will be rewarded with a 100x multiplier. If you happen to land on these symbols in a diamond formation it will be rewarded with a 100x multiplier.

Dragons Lair slots is the game with awesome dragons, diamonds. Place your bets, spin the wheel of gold and earn a lot of coins!

Features include:
- Beautiful graphics HD
- Awesome sound effects!
-Competir With friends to win the most with game coins sorting center.

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Dragon Lair online slots

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