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Video slot: Cafe Paris

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Video slot: Cafe Paris
Cafe Paris a slot what has 5 reels and 9 paylines, was designed by the folks at Neo Games. The slot has multiplier symbols and wild symbols. It also includes a maximum slot win $ 100,000.

As you may have guessed, this slot is in Paris, and all you are going to see that it has some connection with which nos'todo heard romantic city. The background is that of Paris, a drawing of the city at night, with bright Eiffel Tower in the distance, and a Café Paris and its customers more players. The table payments button has the Eiffel Tower it. As for the symbols of the pay table, have images of coffee cups, croissants, cheese, French rooster with colors of the national flag, an accordion, a bottle of champagne, a sign on the Avenue du Champ Elysees, a Frenchman with a glass of wine, a French lady and the Metro can. Two special features in the game symbols are used, with the Arc de Triomphe, the nature and the Eiffel Tower as a dispersion.

9 payline, and one coin per payline, the maximum bet is 9 coins at $ 10 each, for a total value of $ 90. The lower value of the coin is $ 0.10, which is also the smallest bet possible, which can be used if you want to just find out what the game is about. If you want to have the opportunity to know the grand prize 10,000 coins, betting all lines it is a good idea.
The Metro is the sign that awards the top jackpot, perhaps an odd choice for the game's top jackpot symbol. five of these are needed to award the prize. The symbol has a payment that is less by 1000 coins and then each of the symbols fall below the award for the same amount. The last symbol, coffee cup, award only 1000 coins. The prizes offered by the game are very good if there are five symbols, although in the case of four symbols that only get 10% of this amount.

With the wild symbol, you can earn combos form that otherwise would not be possible, and in the process get 2x multiplier. Basically, you can double the size of any payment, including, I suppose, the top jackpot.
The scatter symbol pays pretty well too, giving between 2x and 32x the total bet, arriving two to five symbols.

A very good game for those who are romantic, or just love Paris for one of the many things it has to offer.

Video slot: Cafe Paris

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