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Video slot: Euro Reels

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Video slot: Euro Reels
Euro Reels Slot Random Logic gives us the opportunity to feel in the field of European football for victory, but with the chance to win great prizes in the online casino. Euro Reels to play we can beat the goalie and win. With compelling graphics, decent sound effects and a theme that unleashes passions, this slot is worth a lot.

Euro Reels slot, which presents the Random Logic software for online casino, is an extremely exciting online slot for one simple reason: The theme of it is football, particularly football of the old continent, which we know is the best of the world.

The interface is quite colorful, with classic elements of football as the ball, grass, cards Referee, tacos and other operating as glorious symbols on Euro Reels.

The Euro Reels slot have the opportunity to experience firsthand the best of the best football leagues like the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and of course our beloved La Liga but without even having to get up from our seat or even our bed and with a chance to win great prizes.

The Euro Reels slot has a small blunder, as the name chosen for this online casino game not fully reflect the great content and experience of playing in the Euro Reels online casino, which means that many players do not have the opportunity to live the great experience of winning at Euro Reels. However, this same feature makes those who decide to play Euro Reels are part of a select group of privileged and knowledgeable online players.

Video slot: Euro Reels

Playing Euro Reels Slot Random Logic
As I mentioned earlier in this review of Euro Reels, experience of football is what makes this such a great game of online casino. However it has other characteristics that make inclusivve players who do not have passion for balonpié Euro Reels greatly enjoy the casino.
The interface is quite colorful, with classic elements of football as the ball, grass, cards Referee, tacos and other operating as glorious symbols on Euro Reels.

Although the choice of symbols is good and obviously the product of studious people of football and online casino games, they have an air of being something generic, which causes the play Euro Reels feel deep emotion but not unique.

With 5 Reels and 20 paylines, earn bonuses in Euro Reels is a real possibility, since it has an exciting mini-game where the goal is to beat the goalie five shots. But this time the prize is not only a goal or win the game, but real money that goes straight to our pockets.

The Euro Reels casino game has three special symbols, one that activates the bonus game, wild and a scatter.

While playing Euro Reels is extremely fun and profitable in many cases, this online slot is intended primarily for those who are big football fans, because the online players who do not appreciate both the sport may have a slightly less enjoyable experience.

Video slot: Euro Reels

As is appropriate in a game, the background image selected because it is a stage, with the vision of being behind one of the goalkeepers. The European Union flag is visible on both sides of the cylinder, while images that are used as symbols include the goalkeeper, the dispersion of football, the nature of the defenders, the stadium Oroel Trophy, soccer shoes, gloves keeper árbitroís whistle cards and five footballs, using different color schemes for each. The design is very well done, and gives you a feeling like you and rsquo; re in a race or playing football video games is very detailed.

Bets placed on rollers Euro may not be low enough to allow anyone to use the maximum bet, since you can bet as much as $ 200 in this game. The top jackpot of 15,000 coins can be worth up to $ 150,000 coin at its maximum value, the value of $ 10. They can be reduced to as little as $ 0.05 an option that is available for players who can not afford to use the maximum coin value on all 20 pay lines game.

Euro Cash Cup is the name of juegoís Bono round, and a minimum of three symbols is required with the goalkeeper shoots. For the duration of this bonus game, the player has a chance to kick the ball, trying to beat the goalkeeper who is defending the goal. In order to win the jackpot possible, the player must successfully lands all the balls in the goal. Prizes vary by the number of activation of the symbols as well, with three of them giving 5-1150 coins, four to five 25-5750 symbols give prizes between 100 and 23,000 coins.

One of my favorite features in this slot is the one free spins, triggered by at least three scatter symbols. Depending on how many scatters have appeared, the player receives 15 to 40 free spins.
Wild is the end of the function available in this game, and will take the place of other symbols, as long as they are not or scattered bonus symbols.

Football fans should not miss this slot, a well-made, in addition to the slot 888 line-up, which has a grand prize and some very good features.

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