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Slot machine: Wonder Woman

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Slot machine: Wonder Woman
You like stories with superheroes? But games with superheroes? Wonder Woman is a fantastic slots female protagonist, the main character. Wonder Woman slot has lots of paylines, 50 in number and 500 points for online entertainment. The game is possible in the normal and special way. In a special way, your rate will be gradually increased, payments remain the same, but the gambling bonus available. In the online game Wonder Woman you will find free spins, with which you can make free spins reels. It is here that a large number of bonds is and, of course, the wild symbol.

This fabulous online slots dedicated to one of the most famous heroes of Marvel comics and television series of the 80s is a 5 reel slot is formed by a maximum of 50 paylines. In the background a city that Wonder Woman will have to defend against enemies. The regular symbols in this game are related to the history of comics and playing traditional card 10 to Ace. Among the lucky symbols stand wild, scatters and bonus symbols.

Technical characteristics
Wonder Woman is not the first super-hero comic to which Cryptologic bear dedicate a machine. Green Lantern, Superman and Batman have gone through the magnifying glass before her, but the beautiful Amazon of mythological powers was clearly entitled to his fifteen minutes of fame. Like all slot machines Cryptologic published by DC Comics, the Bonus Bet option will allow an even more immersive. The set of Wonder Woman is a seemingly placid city with skyscrapers that are enhanced by a sky at twilight. The Bonus Bet option will draw a completely different set, and that will now be Wonder Woman colors that stand out. Although the symbols of poker that are so loved by Cryptologic are always present, find their sides some nods to the super-heroine: her magic lasso, her bracelets anti bullets and the symbol of the Justice League will reinforce the charm of this game unpublished.

As always find the standard buttons beneath developer rolls. Touches to traditional bookmakers are also here, and the Bonus Bet button already mentioned above. The superheroes give access to a colossal fortune, at which we will be tempted to make the maximum bet (1,200 €) if we take the pot. If we can not always spend one euro cent around, or even nothing, because the game is free on our website.

Bonuses and remuneration
Wild Wonder Woman symbol, represented by heroin, allow us to double our earnings potential when it appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. It will have to line up three times a princess of the Amazons in one and the same line get free spins. We also found the Scatter symbols, one of them playing the role of symbol Bonus here. They will bring permanent and instant prizes to players as totals three symbols of this type on the screen, access a mini game in which Wonder Woman will face Ares, the mythological god of war. This cast many zombies over the girl will have to get rid of them. But Wonder Woman will have the help of his faithful friends the Amazon, capable of firing arrows enchanted with its fearsome arches. A great game for fans of Wonder Woman.

Slot machine: Wonder Woman

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