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Slot machine: Knights & Maidens

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Slot machine: Knights and Maidens
Knights and Maidens with a slot with a jackpot of $ 50,000 provides a winning combination are in the game ís 25 pay lines and 5 reels, 888 also offers features such as scatter symbol, wild, or Free Spins.

Knights and Maidens is a slot that has a very good design, medieval and history that inspired the look that gets the player immersed in the game, and gives the opportunity to enjoy it. While in the top of the slot is an intricate design, used behind the logo, at the bottom, at the corners, designers including stone gargoyles. The symbols were selected for the reels are also well done, with great attention to detail in each.

Even playing card symbols have a lot of care with a beautiful background used for each. Overall, the design style feels like it's taken from an old book of stories. The symbols that are directly related to the subject are the only princess, knight, wizard, castle, dragon, fairy, the witch and owl.

The juegoís betting allows a maximum of 25 coins to be used, so that only one coin is bet on each active payline. Those who can not afford to use the Bet Max option, used $ 250 ($ 10 per coin), can reduce the value of the currency, for as little as $ 0.05. If you have the right combination of drums, to win 5000 coins, which means a maximum of $ 50,000. That combination will give the top prize away is the one with five symbols having the castle on them.

While the wild symbol does rsquo; t has any of the prizes of his own, helps the player forms combos other symbols, so has the potential to help with payments, and even creating top jackpot combination. With a little luck on your side, the player can get a lot of this slot.

Free Spins are enjoyed throughout the world, especially from queón and free. Three scatter symbols (the knight) is obtained that 10 of these free spins, but the number grow to 20 scattered four runs and 30 runs for five scattered.

Cavalierís Quest is the name of the game Bono included in this slot, and the trigger is the occurrence of at least three maiden symbols on the same active payline.

I have no problem recommending this slot, a game with an elegant design and a backstory that is based on the stories of our childhood.

Slot machine: knights and Maidens

Play Knights and Maidens, in: 888 Casino [read review]
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