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Video slot: Top Spin Snooker

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888 Casino [read review]

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Video slot: Top Spin Snooker
A game of chance Logic, Top Spin Snooker comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines. The game gives you up to $ 88.880 in prize money, while their features include free spins, scatter symbols and wildcards.
The game needs an introduction to the game of billiards and there are millions of fans around the world who love this game. The symbols used here are all related to the theme of the slot. Cleverly enough, the whole set of rollers is part of a pool table, with custom borders and pockets available around. With the theme used there are a lot of green that is used, especially in the cylinders, as the fund is the pool table. The symbols on the reels are related snooker mostly and they are well made and have a 3D look. Among these symbols, the player is the reference case, chalk bucket, a trophy, a black ball, pocket table, pool table, red balls and colored balls in pink, blue, green , yellow and brown.
The top jackpot offered in the 8888 game coins, or even $ 88.880 to the maximum value of the coin is worth. The currency begins just $ 0.05 but can go as high as $ 10 if necessary, so that there is powerful enough for the player to choose. The maximum bet usable in this case is $ 90.
Trophy game serves as a bonus symbol should appear on the same active payline with a minimum of three icons of this type. If that happens a bonus round called "Master of Spin" will begin. A total of 7 rounds are played during this bonus round and the size of the prizes varies according to the number of activation code.
There is a scatter symbol and here, a black ball that can appear anywhere on the reels of the game. When this symbol awards the player free spins appears. 5 runs is given by 3 scatters, 10 laps for 4 dispersed and 20 laps for 5 dispersion.
The wild symbol in this case takes the image of the corner pocket. It's a symbol that is useful only when it can help the player to create a combination, since did't offer any money of its own.
This is one of the few games that have snooker as the theme and can be a great way to spend some time for a fan of the sport.

Video slot: Top Spin Snooker

Play Top Spin Snooker, in: 888 Casino [read review]

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