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Video slot: Freaky fruit

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Video slot: Freaky fruit
Freaky Fruits is a fun game that gives the player access to an issue where various fruits are acting all crazy. Each type of fruit that is offered in the game looks a bit deranged, either crazy or have smiling eyes that seem to get away. The reels get a tree trunk as the background to support them, going to notice the presence of green fields, a nature scene that helps relax the player a bit. Check out the pay table if you are curious about symbols, you will notice that most are symbols of fruit, but there is also a worm and a basket of fruit, both used as special features . The rest of the symbols have been included in the game are cherries, grapes, orange, pear, apple, banana, pineapple, tomato, watermelon and lemon.

The game has a total of 20 pay lines and is not usable for each currency. The currency denomination will be selected by the player within the $ 0.05 to $ 5 range. With all the best, the top of the slot bet is $ 100. You will be able to get payments up to $ 1,000 with him.

When considering the $ 100 top bet, it is that all fruit symbols have exactly the same pay. Instead of getting a unique combination that pays a lot, with the rest to pay little, this game decides to offer only a fixed number of 200 coins, for every 5 symbols pay. With the top of the value of the currency, which comes to $ 1,000. All ten symbols fruit pay up to $ 1,000, if the number of identical symbols takes a line. With four symbols, the payment is reduced to 50 coins ($ 250), while three symbols pay out 10 coins ($ 50), and two symbols pay 3 coins ($ 15).

The function of two symbols of the game are nature, which is a typical symbol that replacement, and Bono symbol (worm), which triggers the worm Carreras, with 3+ symbols on a payline.

You should be able to have lots of fun with Freaky Fruits, and it's especially interesting to see how the average payment of the strategy works.

Video slot: Freaky fruit

Play Freaky fruit, in: 888 Casino [read review]
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