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Video slot: Beach

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Video slot: Beach
This slot machine game is designed to make you feel good; it is full of sand and surf sun, sea, girls, beach umbrellas, yachts and palm trees. In fact, the designers made sure not to forget anything with this slot game.
There is also a healthy range of regular bonuses and features that include wilds, scatters and bonus round inspired underwater. If there is a disappointment with this slot game are the sound effects that really do not meet the standards, perhaps for that Playtech includes a mute button on this slot machine.

"Beach" is a slot machine that bears the stamp of the MGA Group, a company known for adapting the classic slots to online casinos. Design, graphics and audio are unique to a slot of a lifetime. The format is very similar to other games in the house as "Pirate Treasure": two sets with three rollers each; minigames with extra prizes; bonuses and jokers that stimulate the game by giving more awards and with the same figures as diamonds, bells or fruits. If you are looking for relaxation playing this game like you're on the beach you can get: the fun is guaranteed!.

Data slot machine
The game consists of two slots, both with three rollers: the first has a pay line and a special round; the second is 3x3 with eight paylines and extra minigames. The minimum bet per spin is a credit (equivalent to 20 cents), the intermediate five credits (1 €) and the maximum is 10 credits (2 €). It is important to choose the bet on each spin as it determines the amounts to win: if the bet is the lowest, the top prize would be 200 €; if the bet is the highest, up to 2000 €.

This slot game has two phases. The first is a classic slot machine with a three-reel pay line (horizontal). Prizes will be distributed according to the three aligned figures. Higher-value items are diamonds. On a maximum bet, the prize by a combination of three blue diamonds is 2000 €; by a combination of red diamonds, to 500 €; by green, € 100. The figures are lower ranking the bells and fruits. In addition, if you get the prize of lesser rank, the game gives you the opportunity to collect the prize, risk for a greater or convalidarlo prize bonds.

In this phase the wild card (the flip flops beach) which replaces all figures in a combination, the starfish that gives extra bonuses and snorkelling are present whose horizontal combination opens the doors of a special round or minigames where bonuses are achieved.

The top game you have three rollers with eight paylines. The main symbols are the "7": up to 2000 € on a maximum bet of 10 credits plus 20 bonuses. Other figures as the float (maximum of 20 €), the umbrella and the ball (both top prize of 8 €) are not contemptible because certain combinations give the opportunity to play mini-games.

Special characteristics
"Beach" has four mini-games that offer bonuses, multipliers and real money. To access them you have to get the combination of certain symbols already mentioned in the previous section.

To bet on lower special round game you have to collect on a winning roll three snorkelling. The phase consists of five elements of a beach with bonds in each and activated randomly. If you have a steady hand and agility you can give the button bet the most valuable symbol, the crab (27 bonds).

In the upper phase, the umbrella minigame offers real money (up to 200 €). It has five levels (five, four, three, two and a stretcher); in each there are several awards and arrow; if you select the arrow you go round and play for top prizes; if you draw a figure, the game ends with the sum obtained your balance.

In the game of beach ball multiply the prize. To the amount obtained by the simple combination of three balls, the minigame offers the ability to multiply. You just have to have to choose among the group of people who are sunbathing. You can multiply the award winning line up to x30.

The game floats also offers an additional sum of money. There are five levels with six floats; in all there is a hidden but one where a girl appears prize. If you hit a number, you get the money and raisins round, but you get knocked and around the roller.

The slot machine "Beach" offers nuances to the game that prevent cataloged as a simple classic slot machine. Along with the two slots games, there are very interesting mini-games in order to obtain prizes and break the routine turn after turn. In addition, the sound and design are very consistent with the theme and style of play. Details that bring a greater degree of entertainment to a slot that are not simple as can highlight at first sight.

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