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Video slot: King Tiger

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Video slot: King Tiger
Know Your Majesty, the king of the jungle. The online King Tiger slot leads to a jungle full of prizes, free games and many bonuses. Try your luck at King Tiger slot online.
The King Tiger slot SkillOnNet aims to transport us to a dense Asian jungle where a fierce Bengal tiger dominates the territory but has a tough animals looking to take their place, especially the gaur (Seladang), although its sound effects, graphics and features gameplay are no big deal, with 5 Reels and 20 paylines, the slot SkillOnNet King Tiger has the option of double or nothing that make it interesting and intense premise
This slot machine King Tiger with a variety of features and pleasant in all aspects of interface. This online game is created for you with 2000 points, 5 reels and 20 bet lines. Three strips of images in the pantalla.El main character of this game is the king of the jungle, the most powerful animal of the savannah, namely tiger. He has special characters, turns prize with more favorable terms and conditions, additional factors, risk game sometimes, and other functions.
Overview of the King Tiger slot SkillOnNet
The King Tiger SkillOnNet slot transports us to a jungle of Southeast Asia, apparently in the region of the Bay of Bengal, ie between India and Bangladesh given the fauna represented in this online casino game, the king of this jungle is the tiger Bengal who is fierce and hard, but gaur (Seladang) is a wild cattle of this region makes it competition for the title of king of the jungle. This premise of the King Tiger slot SkillOnNet is interesting but not much sense because despite my ignorance in zoology, it is known that the gaur is herbivorous and rare Bengal tiger prey. In the King Tiger SkillOnNet slot also make appearances other animals of the region as the Asian elephant, the Sarus crane and an animal that looks like a Dhole (Indian wild dog) but not exactly, so maybe is another animal in the region thanks to my ignorance of wildlife is concerned I can not identify.
Perhaps the most interesting feature of gameplay is the best chance to win prizes with double or nothing
As you can see, the King Tiger slot has a well thought-setting and even includes a symbol of a variation of the flower hibiscus we all know is very common in the region of the Bay of Bengal and because it represents the goddess Kali of Hinduism, which is the goddess of time, change and destruction. This symbol gives us free spins to enjoy the King Tiger¡Genial slots!
But hey, enough of zoology classes, semiotics and Hinduism, and go to a much more interesting and important topic: Play King Tiger, have fun and win great prizes with this online casino game.
With 5 Reels and 20 lines, the King Tiger slot SkillOnNet holds its own despite having no graphics or sound effects of very high quality, or any mini game. Perhaps the most interesting feature of gameplay is the best chance to win prizes with double or nothing.
Although the King Tiger slot is not the best online casino game in the world, not nearly as could read in this review of the King Tiger slot, this holds its own.

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