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Thief Video Slot

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Thief Video Slot
The Thief slot, an exciting game of daring robberies are achieved accomplished by the use of devices of the latest technology. As modern as the technology that helps us Netent in this game that you can not miss.

When we talk about Netent talk about one of the gaming software companies in flash mode highest quality graphics and better gameplay, offers genuine experiences with high addictive component, in the best sense of the word. This time they surprise us with the aesthetics of this indefinite slot between Robin Hood and Matrix, I assure you, that will take you to the world of more sophisticated crime, white-collar thief.

The Thief slot is a very fast, almost frantic game that offers the option Autoplay up 1000 runs in advance.

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We are talking about a game that care does not skimp on details. Its creators, considering the demands of today's players have wanted to create a narrative to give the game an added value. We find ourselves at the beginning of the game, on a rainy street and with luck and patience will achieve level up in the skyscrapers that want to steal parallel to increase the prizes that we can get, can reach up to the top floor of the building through a bonus that will give us free spins and lots of prizes.

The Thief slot is a very fast, almost frantic game that offers the option Autoplay up 1000 runs in advance, allowing a more dynamic game. With 25 lines and 10 levels of risk we can increase our odds from 0.01 € to 0.50 € m per line allowing maximum bets of up to 12.5 €. There are also two different bonuses that allow us to make free spins.

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