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Megadeth video slot
Megadeth slot is hotting up with dozens of free spins and fantastic mini-games and bonus offers. Access this exciting game is not as cheap as there is a minimum cost of € 0.40 per roll but the price is right and Megadeth with heavy metal will become worthy of your time and risk.
When Dave Mustaine created Megadeth group in 1983, certainly he never imagined that would be starring in a machine tragaperras.La famous online poker room PokerStars launches online slots inside their new casino games and among all machines options random, he wanted to include components Megadeth among the most prominent.

The 80s rock back slot machines become a mane to move to the rhythm of the members of Megadeth. These slots offer a unique possibility to play with a different and innovative line with the tastes of the most metalheads machine.
The Megadeth slot is one of the original products of Leander Games, a young game developer who was the first to dare with original designs, such as film and musical themes for their slot games.
Megadeth slot along the Ali Baba, who is also among the new PokerStars gambling machines, are two of the best products of its creator.
In this game you can not miss neither the designs related to the group and music, or free spins and bonuses. These thrash-metal, slots spread over 5 reels and 40 paylines full of animations that transport the rock 80.

Megadeth Slot, how could it be otherwise, is inspired by this heavy metal band and its members and instruments. His music, of course, is one thing that is not missing in this game, just as free spins and bonus games and mini-games.
Megadeth Slot has a stage as background image and the members of the band with their instruments as symbols. The formation of the band presented in this game is: David Ellefson, Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover Dave Mustaine.

One of the most interesting aspects of Megadeth slot is the amount of bonds available to us. First we have the Mega Nudge function in the bottom center of the slot. When activated, what we do is double our bets (ie if you bet 200 € will have to pay 400 €) to change the rollers number 2,3 and 4 move in the search for greater winning combination.
With the appearance of a skull with the symbol 'bonus' on lines one, three, five, you will hit the big bonus; to see what prize has touched you have to spin a roulette wheel.
With the great bonus you can choose to earn free money directly, enjoy free spins with the 'Hangar 18' option or play 'Head Crusher'.
The game 'Head Crusher' will take you to be in front of hooded prisoners. You must select which you prefer to discover to his head. If you choose a woman have extra money in your account as a reward, however, if you select a man you will be deducted from the account.

The slot has 5 reel and 40 pay lines. The minimum bet is € 0.01 but we always play 40 lines and, therefore, happens to have a minimum cost of € 0.40. Here we describe some of the characteristics of this game.
First and foremost is the Wild Expanded Mustaine. This box replaces serves as a wildcard.
The Mega Nudge is a feature that should enable to take effect. If activated allows us to 1, 2 or even 3 moves between lanes 2 and 4. The cost to activate this resource is 40 times the bet per line. It is expensive but can be very fruitful.
The slot of Megadeath has a stage as background image and the members of the band with their instruments as symbols.
Multigame and Multilevel Bonus. When you get three skulls in lanes 1, 3 or 5 you can win up to 18 free spins and instant prizes.

This game is so complete that delight both lovers of Megadeth as fans of slots. It has many possibilities for prize, which becomes a very active game in which there is not much time without anything happening. Furthermore lovers-metal trash can enjoy guitar music while playing; those who do not like this sound, they can always play quietly. The design and originality of these slots indicate that its creator, Leander Games, a fairly new company, expect a great future with its fun and unique slot games.

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