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Mystique Grove video slot

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Mystique Grove video slot
The Mystique slot machine is one of the latest new games Microgaming, the company, famous for its fascinating games of chance. Virtually all new Microgaming slot machines are characterized by some innovations and many bonus rounds; however Mystique Grove has been unexpectedly at all an exclusion of this rule. The only innovation in this game is the lack of traditional payment lines, but unfortunately the slot machine Mystique Grove can not cheer the appreciators of gambling with some interesting possibilities bonds. But players can take advantage of the opportunity to play free slot machine Mystique Grove, the game assumes the introductory mode that allows play without deposit and without registration.

The first thing that draws attention in the slot machine Mystique Grove is an extraordinary structure, which is known for sure that at least once played one of the new slot machines from Microgaming. Mystique Grove missing in the lines of traditional payment and instead of them new ways of forming 243 combinations prize is planned. The requirements to form combinations have become softer: now to receive any payment will be sufficient to receive at least three identical images simply in neighboring drums, and not on a particular line. This innovation allows Mystique Grove win more often than slot machines. The good news for players with limited budget will be the fact that spending on the spin in this case are the same as slot machines 25 lines.

Like the game Mystique Grove payment no lines before the start of rotation of the virtual drums the size of the bet is to set a single parameter. As we mentioned from the point of view of expenses this slot machine not unlike ordinary 25-line slot. So the summary bet here ranges from 25 coins (if before beginning your chosen bet 1 coin) to 250 coins (in case of election bet of 10 coins). In other words the number of coins chosen by you, from 1 to 10, is multiplied automatically by 25. Fortunately, you can change the nominal currency to reduce expenses in the spin; can vary from 1 cent to 1 euro. The slot machine Mystique Grove surely is estimated at fair value by holders of limited budget, minimum summaries expenses in the spin here are just 25 cents.

If the increased probability of profit and the ability to spend on each spin the minimum sum are the undoubted advantages of machine slot machine Mystique Grove, additional bonds is a key disadvantage in the game. Unlike the closest, other Microgaming slot of "relatives" Mystique Grove can offer players a single mini bonus that is triggered by the combination of three or more scatter symbols in any cells on the virtual drums. In itself the bonus game is very simple and consists of the ordinary choice of objects: you will choose flowers for cash prizes. Under each flower the size casual prize is hidden and less than one of them is the symbol with the inscription Collect the bonus game ends.

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