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Dolphin Reef video slot
Dolphin Reef is a five-reel slot machines and twenty paylines with additional free spin feature. The feature is activated when a dolphin appears anywhere on reels two and four. During the five additional turns, figures of dolphins on reels two and four were expanded to cover all positions on the reels, and still there while the other continue spinning.
The Dolphin figure serves as wild and substitutes for all other symbols including Scattered Chest.

• The minimum bet is $ 0.01 USD and the maximum of $ 1,000 USD.
• You can bet on up to twenty lines. The paylines are shown in the section of the paylines located on the paytable screen.

• Configure lines: Twenty lines are selected by default. You can increase or decrease the number of lines by clicking on the "+" or "-" respectively, listed in the "LINES" indicator (Lines) of the game screen. Selected lines are lit, and unselected will remain off. You can also select and deselect by clicking the number of the line in question, at the end of the lines.
• Max Lines: To play with twenty lines, click "MAX" in the "LINES" indicator (Lines). If your balance is not sufficient, this option is disabled.
• Set bets: when you enter the game, a default bet is $ 0.1 per line for twenty lines, equivalent to a total bet of $ 2. If you want to increase or decrease the bet per line, click the "+" or "-" buttons located on the "BET" indicator (Bet). If your game balance is less than $ 5, the system will automatically adjust the bet to the next highest possible maximum amount.
• Max Bet: To play with a bet of $ 50 per line, click "MAX" on the "BET" indicator (Bet). If your balance is not sufficient, this option is disabled.
• To calculate the total value of the bet, the number selected by the amount bet per line multiplied lines. The total value of the bet will appear in the "TOTAL BET" indicator (total bet), located in the bottom center of the game screen.
• Rules: to see the game, click the "PAYTABLE" (Paytable) button at the lower left corner of the screen, and then the "RULES" (Rules) "PAYTABLE" button on the screen (Paytable). To return to the game screen, click the "GAME" button (Game) of the "RULES" screen (Rules).
• Paytable: to see the paytable, click the "PAYTABLE" (Paytable) button on the 'RULES' screen (Rules). To calculate the payout amount, multiply the prize by the amount bet per line. Note that to calculate the payout for scatter wins, multiply the respective prize with the total bet. To return to the game screen, click the "GAME" button (Play).
• Spin the reels: once the reels stop spinning, any winning combinations on the selected lines, and any other winning scatter wins that need not be aligned, be paid as specified by the paytable.
• Result: If no winning combinations, prizes corresponding line flashes; in the case concerned a winning scatter wins do not need to be aligned, the figures move the move. The total amount of the prize appears below the reels as a message, and the "PAID" (Payment) indicator is updated with winning amount. The individual line wins are shown to the right of the reels, at the end of each winning line.
• Repeat the same bet or modify it: after the first bet, the settings selected will be automatically the next time you spin the reels. To play with the same bet, simply click the "SPIN" button (Spin). To change your bet, use the "+" or "-" buttons located on the "BET" (Bet) or "lines" (lines), as previously explained indicators.
• Credits: This is the game remaining balance once the bet, is shown in the indicator.
• The current game balance is the sum of the amounts given in 'CREDIT "(Credits) and" TOTAL BET "indicators (total bet).
• To use the "AUTOSPIN" (Autogiro) function, click on the 'AUTO SPIN' button at the bottom left corner of the game screen. Once you have opened the window of this function, check the boxes next to the options you want. Where necessary, select an option from the drop-down menu. Click "START" (Start) to activate the selected options and start the first spin of the reels. Click "CANCEL" (Cancel) to return to the game screen.
• To deactivate 'AUTO ", click the" SPIN STOP "button (Stop). If at the time of doing the reels are spinning, 'AUTO SPIN' will be stopped immediately after quitting. Otherwise 'AUTO SPIN' is stopped immediately.
• If you have selected several options 'AUTO SPIN' will be a priority to take precedence over the other and, where appropriate, some of these will be ignored. You will then have the option to choose again the same set of options or select other, and continue the game "AUTOSPIN" mode.
• Note: The 'AUTO SPIN' is not available in the mode of play money.
• Click "GAME LOGS" (History) for the history of the games you've played.
• Click "REBUY" (Rebuy) to buy more credits into the game from your Party Account.
• Click the "EXIT GAME" button (Exit) to leave the game and return to the Lobby.
• The game rules are identical for modes of play with real money and virtual money.

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