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Dragon Ship video slot

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Dragon Ship video slot
The brave warrior triumphs in free games with a dynamic multiplier! Long live the fantasy while this game shines with great prizes!
Viking legends, mysterious creatures, dragons and mysterious creatures, so you can describe the latest game released today on this site added to all fans of slot games.
The Dragon Ship is a misteriasa history of the Vikings who were fishing in a mysterious lake where you can meet mysterious animals. The Dragon Ship online slot has 5 reels, 15 lines and 25,000 credits bet. Symbol dragon with fiery eyes in certain combinations offers 15 free games. The symbol swords and axes offers 500 points however are in the midline of 5 times. To see the benefits, you should use the "Paytable" option.
The Dragon Ship is a classic game that mixes Viking legends, mysterious creatures, dragons and mysterious creatures. It seems not, but this game is already dragging thousands of fans for the great cause addiction among players. In the game you offer 25,000 free credits to play betting between the 5 reels and 15 bet lines available. Reinvests your "virtual profits" to bet and earn more money into the machine.
Playing in automatic mode: Simply press autoplay for the machine to perform the plays on their own trying to multiply the credits, but does not always win.
Manual mode: In manual mode the game if you're good you get to multiply credits faster than the automatic mode is also much more entertaining because not only dependent on chance, but also of movements you make.

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