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Review Mona Lisa Jewels video slot

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Review Mona Lisa Jewels video slot
Although Mona Lisa Jewels will give only 5 reels, there are up to 25 lines to place their bets with the largest progressive jackpot. You'll also enjoy a range of decent features of this slot with such gifts as a scatter symbol, free spins and a wild symbol.
By using a combination of the picture of the Mona Lisa and various jewels that appear on their drums, this slot gives the impression that some kind of Heist is about to happen thanks to all the objects found in his inside. The blue curtains behind the drums I seem a little out of place and the black on all drums not do much by design. There are several card games that made their appearance, more jewels of different colors, the Mona Lisa, a ring and diamond jewel.
The coins have no great value, with the upper limit is set at $ 0.50 while the lower is $ 0.01. If you need to use up to 10 coins on a single line, so at $ 5 per line bet up to $ 125 you get when added to all. The progressive jackpot is your reward if you used the right kind of bet on this game, but there are some additional payments for more bets.
The progressive jackpot is given to any player who has the highest active bet during that round and a line marked 5 Progressive Jackpot symbols.
The jewel icon is important because it acts as the trigger for the free spins offer inside. Only get 2 free spins, and to boot, you need two icons with the jewel in the 1st reel at the same time. One pro for these spins is the fact that the jewel icons and deserted land remains in place until the round ends.
Nature is a diamond ring that has some good payments to provide the player, but more can replace others and help them create their own combinations.
The Mona Lisa portrait is the other activating factor free spins, but is different from those that begin with the jewel icon. The player gets 10 free spins, if you have three portraits present in any position. During the term of these spins, multipliers nature has (2x if one contributes wild, 4x and 8x for two jokers three wildcards).
In general, jewelry Mona list seems a good game especially because of its progressive jackpot and the features that come with it. The design is not so special, but this is not enough to justify not play.

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