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Review Aliens video slot

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Review Aliens video slot
Inspired by the film Alien and in all other works of the series made by Ridley Scott between 1979 and 2012, the Aliens video slot machine is the product of studies creation of Net Entertainment. This will plunge into an adventure where terror and suspense are confused and will force you to come face to face with their fears perores. Indeed, Aliens, you are a soldier of the American army who must survive an assault of bloodthirsty creatures who want to seize his ship. The first-person view of this game is a great innovation and pays homage to video games Shoot'em up type. The video slot machine Aliens, in collaboration with Universal Pictures, is in vogue to receive the award for Best Game of the Year in the iGaming scene.

Alien’s slot machine is an online 3D video of 5 reels and 15 paylines that developed Net Entertainment in cooperation of 20th Century Fox. This stunning slot comes with 3 levels and a number of great features, including a wild symbol, free spins , multipliers and a jackpot of up to 10,000 €.
Although video slot machine Net Entertainment is graphically superb, thanks to textures and animations of exceptional quality, is the first person view representing the best of the game. We move into the skin of a Marine who tries to save his skin: listen to your breathing, feel your anguish, which greatly favors the dive. In addition, because Aliens is set in a futuristic world, the marine wearing a helmet highly developed that displays a large number of electronic data: the information displayed on the screen enhances the realism and gives really the impression of being heroes. Another point worth noting: the excellence of the soundtrack. Symphony Orchestra Universal Studios does wonders and anxiety increases with the passage of minutes. Nothing to say: the Aliens video slot machine is a magnificent rehabilitation of the work of Ridley Scott.
Alien fans will be pleased to know that whatever your budget, guests will enjoy this slot machine the Swedish developer Net Entertainment. Indeed, the minimum bet allowed is minimal (only 15 cents are needed to spin the reels). In addition, the big players are not left out and can bet up to € 150 per spin, which will eventually allow the game to get the jackpot, set at 10,000 €.

Numerous highly diversified bonds intervene throughout the game to allow you to big profits and return on their investment. During the chapter number one, it is the logo of Weyland-Yutani Corp which should attract your attention: behaving like a Wild, this symbol will help you build winning combinations. During the chapter number two, called "Search", you can complete an indicator that will allow then benefit from multipliers and free spins. During this level, you need to face several waves of aliens. Make sure you have enough ammo. In the last chapter, you need to use your experience and grenades to succeed. The Queen will not be destroyed until your health bar is completely depleted.

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