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Zorro video slot
Don Diego of the Vega generous, better known as Zorro, it has become an inspiring developers for Aristocrat who have created a fascinating game Random many stories about the adventures of the hero in a black mask. Zorro online slot machines has yet been produced in the late nineties, however, the "old" venerable of the slot machine is almost imperceptible, because here everything is fine with bonus rounds and the number of lines of payment . Five several mini games bonus, twenty five pay lines and sizable jackpot await the lucky players who are not afraid to risk money for the benefit of big profits.
And for those who prefer not to spend your own money on gambling Aristocrat processors they planned a special introductory way in which for betting play money is used. This demo mode allows you to play Zorro slot machines without deposit and without registration. In the other two modes do not differ at all from one another, so, playing Zorro free online, you can enjoy the game without omitting anything.
The structure of the slot machine is standard: twenty five lines of payment are placed on five virtual drums, and the number of lines involved in the game, like the size of the bet, the player can adjust them individually using the keys in the game panel. The bet size can vary from 1 cent to 2 dollars modest. Players will have to spend some additional amounts to be able to activate the mini bonus games; this is intended for a special key Zorro Bonus, pressing which bond option is activated. Such costs dearly enjoy 10 antes; however no such expenses is impossible to win the "entry" into the bonus rounds.
Even when you turn the key "bond" is not so easy to get entry into the mini games to this a large amount of fortune is required. In the standard mode of play symbols "card" ordinary can be embellished by additional inscriptions of letters Z, O, R, while Z may appear only in the symbols of the drum 1, O in 2 and 5, R - on reels 3 and 4.
To get into the bonus game must compose the word of such symbols Zorro and only after a casual way will determine in what round of the five different bonus rounds will pass the player. Variants can be following:

• Tornado - not the bonus round, but the momentary bonus in the form of payment of 500 antes.
• Gold Coins - choose the coins to discover two equal awards. At most you can win up to 500 antes. And if you have the fortune to discover beneath one of the coins the gain multiplier, the amount received will be increased 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times.
• Wild Z - additional wild symbols that remain in their places until the completion of the spins bonus.
• Barrels - is a chance to win up to 20 free spins. When choosing the corresponding barrel can receive 5, 10, 15 or 20 rotations bond drums with multipliers x2 to x15 gain.
• Magic Door - choose the door to receive 5 free spins and extra hero. During the free spins the character discovered by you will become the bond, when such symbol appears on the screen, just make a click on it to receive the additional payment up to 1,000 antes.

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