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Mad Piñatas video slot
Mad Piñatas is a video slot machine consists of five reels and twenty paylines tuning for the excellent editor Leander Games. Piñatas, as we know, are paper mache sculptures that are exposed happily in some carnivals and cultural events in Latin America. Also very popular in Spain and the United States, Piñatas are painted and colored in many ways and often contain surprises the type of candy and other goodies. If your little devil celebrates his birthday soon, you could for example help bring about one of these unusual objects. You'll be happy. Here you are, for your enjoyment, Mad Piñatas, a very funky slot machine that gives us a great editing studio.

Used long before Julius Caesar, the Piñatas never leave kids indifferent. Since then, during the harvest, these strange objects were made of clay and hung from a pole and was beaten with a stick enough to break them, to which followed a shower of candy and treats. Nowadays, the clay has given way to papier mache, much more simple and fun to make. Piñatas are currently used as a decoration in Spain and the United States, especially for a few carnivals and during birthday parties. The wonder of children to these mysterious and cheerful sculptures is completely understandable. And Leander Games is there to give us a sketch of what it does best: in its slot machine, the editor presents Piñatas shaped like animals. Dogs, pigs and exotic birds are merrily represented and any means is good for them out delicious treats hiding. From the simple and traditional stick to modern cutter, stakeholders do not go short of imagination to get what they want. Care not cut it. After all we should not forget that it is a festive moment awaits you at Mad Piñatas.
Betting on this new slot machine Leander Games are very reasonable. They start from 0.01 € to 10 € and can be bet on each payline. The High Rollers will be happy because the maximum bet allowed is 250 €.

Almost all game symbols represent us profits, but above all is the Piñata metal ornaments which allow us to realize the greatest benefit. Indeed, the robotic sculpture acts as the Wild and can replace any other icon of the game if it is aligned correctly. Mad Piñatas also hides an impressive number of remarkable elements, starting with the "Smash'em All", which will be unlocked once you have collected all three paper mache animals in the top of the screen option which is also, indicate the sticks. Also can get free spins through the "Smash'em All" Finally, if we get three times the Bonus symbol appears on the screen, you can unlock a fun mini game where you have to choose the Piñata of our choice. But attention to the evil surprises.

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