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Great Blue video slot
The Great Blue slot machine, is a 25 lines video Playtech. It has some of the biggest progressive jackpots available online with no wild cards placed on each reel. The free spins multiplier can provide up to X15 for some really great prizes.

It is a game full of action and wildcards has some of the highest Free Spin multipliers that we have seen online. You can win up to 33 free spins with all wins multiplied by 15 - this results in some giant jackpots.
The game has an underwater theme with symbols such as sharks, turtles, fish, seahorses and whales that appear on the reels. Whale symbol is wild and appears in amounts of three. This means it is possible to get a full screen of jokers, seen for the first time in 50 games as the Lions Aristocrat.
The maximum bet on Great Blue is 250 coins per spin, so you're looking at least $ 2.50 per spin, if you want to play the maximum bet. Of course, you can bet more and there are several sizes ranging from 1c to 50c coins.
As per usual, wildcards are the ones paying higher, with five whales are paid 10,000 coins multiplied by coins bet per line. With a maximum bet of 10 coins per line 100,000 coins are paid. The wild symbol also doubles any win, which makes it even more important.

The jackpot of 100,000 coins is among the highest in this category, but there is a way to win a huge jackpot of 2,500,000 during the base game. This is because the wildcards accumulate; so if you have an entire screen of whales wildcards, wins the jackpot in 25 lines!
The scattered shells are the ticket to even greater gains. Get three, four or five anywhere on the reels and win free spins. You get to pick between two and add additional free or more multipliers for the first 8 laps with two victories. You can win up to 33 free spins and multipliers to until X15 (Screenshot) turns.
Now the prize in the base game are already huge, but Great Blue has set a record for a progressive slot profits. If he manages to get a full screen whales and have the greatest multiplier, it will be a momentous gain of 37,500,000 coins. Even in the size of the 1c coin is $ 375,000! Play with currency 50c and this award will be a life changing $ 18,750,000!
If you win the standard prizes and are not large enough, Great Blue is for you an additional way to win with the red / black double function. After winning, simply click the bet button and you can try your luck and double its profit.
Great Blue has the biggest progressive jackpots of any game slot games online. Wildcards and free spins make a first selection. If you are looking for great prizes and great features Great Blue is hard to pass inadevertido.

If you want to play slot Great Blue can click on one of the images in this article. Here you can play free without deposit, if you would like to play it in an online casino; we recommend you play at Casino Tropez or Europa Casino. In Europe Casino You get a great welcome bonus up to $ 2400, - !!!, you can also play this game at the following casinos: Winner Casino [read review] ,Casino Tropez [read review] ,Titan Casino [read review] ,Europa Casino [read review] ,William Hill Casino [read review] ,EuroGrand Casino [read review]

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