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Review of Battle of the Gods - online slot

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Battle of the Gods online slot
Sign Up the ancient deities while the Titans and the Greek gods, fight in an epic battle for Mount Olympus. While the final battle between Zeus and Atlas approaches you can enjoy the ravages of war while the are still coming.
The slot of the Battle of the Gods has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and was developed by Playtech. The whole game is built around the theme of the ancient Battle for Mount Olympus and this is reflected in the symbols of the rails. The symbols consist entirely of mythical characters, there are five Greek gods Zeus five Titans leading the Olympians and the Titans Atlas. There is also a temple of dispersion of a temple and a symbol of a wildcard burning.
The game presents players with lots of opportunities to win. At any time of the game if five symbols of gods appear in the center rails in an "X" will earn 5x your bet.
The free spins feature is activated when you get three or more scatter symbols temple anywhere on the rails. This is where two groups of gods battle and have the opportunity to earn huge rewards. The free spins begin in the Gods mode with only the five Olympic on the rails and an extra wild symbol on the rail 3. These free spins continue indefinitely until the extra wild card appears on the rail 3, then switches to the Titans mode. Here only the Titans are visible on the rails and there is an extra wild card in the rail three. However, you have only eight free throws and, unless the extra wild card appears in the three tracks to take back to Gods way, the free end shots after the eighth turn ends.
The Battle of the Gods has a betting range of £ 0.01 to £ 1,250 per spin, which means it can be enjoyed by players of all budgets. There is a huge jackpot 10,000x available, what you mean if you're playing with the maximum line bet could win £ 500,000!
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The slot has a fierce wild symbol, which can replace all other symbols except the scatter, to help form winning combinations. Plus, if you get five of them through an active payline you will get the jackpot game 10,000x base!
During the round of free shots, an extra wild card appears which takes the form of one of the gods depending on the mode you are playing. In addition to changing the mode of free games will also help to form winning combinations.

The temple is the scatter symbol and get two or more of them anywhere on the rails guarantees payment.
However, the scatter symbol is also the key to activate the free shots Gods against Titans. Get three or more of them anywhere on the rails take you directly to the way free throws Gods against Titans where you will receive unlimited free throws. However, during free throws, one of the titans act as an extra wild symbol, and if it appears on the rail 3 will be taken to Titans mode where you get only 8 free throws. During this mode there is a symbol of God who acts as an extra wild card and can take you back to mode the Gods if appears in the rail 3.

While the war between the Olympians and the Titans takes place, you can relax and enjoy all bonuses it has to offer.
In the base game if five symbols of gods form an "X" in the center of the rails, you receive a bonus 5x your bet!
In addition, if three or more scatter symbols appear temple anywhere on the rails, you will be taken to the bonus game Gods against Titans. The game begins in the Gods mode where only the symbols of gods, the wild symbol and one of the titans will be on the rails. You get unlimited free shots until the wildcard Titan appears on the rail 3 and change the Titan game mode. Here only the Titans, the joker and one of the gods appear as an extra wild card on the rails. You only get 8 free throws, but if God appears in the rail 3 you will be transported back to the Gods mode for unlimited free shots.

The Battle of the Gods has a massive jackpot of 10,000x available in the base game, which is gained by making five of the wild symbols appear through an active payline. This means that if you are betting the maximum of £ 50 per line could win a jackpot of £ 500,000!.

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