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Slot Game Pay Dirt - Play Free Online - Online Casinos

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Slot Game Pay Dirt
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Slot Game Pay Dirt
Slots 25 lines and 12 figures. Fun and complete. A complete and attractive game. Fast, dynamic and perfect for players with some experience.

The money you can earn playing with it is clean. Unpolluted Pay Dirt is slot machine in which we will become gold diggers.
We will have to stain your hands, crawl through narrow tunnels; but do not despair, the coveted wagon full of golden nuggets may be behind any reel.
If this is the first time you decide to try an online slot we recommend you choose, so far, other simpler. The time will come where you want to live great emotions.

It is always better start playing without real money. Pay Dirt If we choose to take our first steps, ie, to play without betting real, we can not choose the features of the game. These are marked by the system and are 25 lines game, total bet of EUR 1.25 on each spin (EUR 0.05 per line) and random prize of 9095.89 euros.

In this machine five reels all symbols remind us of those prospectors Wild West tough guys: the peak, the cowboy with gun and handkerchief in her mouth, the donkey with saddlebags (hopefully full of gold) gunpowder, and thus until 12 figures which makes PayDirt a very diverse slot where boredom is not an option.

Slot Game Pay Dirt
The symbol with a wooden sign in putting paydirt!, will give us the way to the bonus round. They must appear at least three of them in any of the reels, when this happens, we have to choose one of the posters and a beaver will blow up the prize telling us what belongs to us.
We can get a scatter of 2.50 euros and 12 free spins. Another option is to move to a next screen on which there are five adits, we choose one of them and trust that the donkey appears with a large cart full of gold nuggets.

If of gold is the game, and the nuggets are made from this material, obviously a great nugget will be the symbol what else shall rejoice. When it appears to triple the prize. In addition, it acts as the Wild (joker).

Remember you are not alone. Gold is too greedy to think that there will be more people behind. If you're willing to face them, do not hesitate, get it!

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